Sean Algaiers and Antoine Dove – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

sean and antoine biggest loserIn what could easily be called the first game play elimination of the season, Sean Algaiers and Antoine Dove exited the Biggest Loser campus in episode three with as much humility and integrity as any two contestants have ever shown before. Literally taking one for the team, and allowing themselves to be sacrificed for the sake of Shay and partner Daniel, these two returned home to more than prove that this process is entirely possible at home.

Listen now as they describe how any person can make these changes for themselves at home, and how the animosity toward Tracey caused a nose-dive in the contestants’ morale. Then continue reading to learn more about Antoine’s new romance with Alexandra, hear more about the Tracey affect, and the other changes in their lives.

Tracey was definitely the name of the week, with her impulsive moves to take control of the game twice. Sean and Antoine both agree that they want the best for Tracey and have no ill will toward her. In fact, Antoine said he felt bad for her having to determine the fate of so many other contestants.

sean and antoineLife at home for Sean has changed in every way possible. His current weight is down to 150 pounds, having only lost 39 pounds at the ranch. He inspires his church youth group to be more active and more healthy, trying to make people more conscious of their habits. They also host Taco Tuesdays and now use ground turkey instead of ground beef (Try these Turkey Tacos by Chef Rocco). Any day now his wife will give birth to their third child, and they’ll be naming her Jillian after the trainer. Sean says he wants to mark this place in his life, and every time he says her name he’ll remember when everything in his life changed. “When I’m on my deathbed I’ll look back on these days,” he remarks.

For Antoine, not only is he overjoyed with the healthy new lifestyle he has created for himself, he’s also reveling in the glow of new love. Reiterating that he and fellow contestant Alexandra are in fact in a relationship, he is positively beaming sharing how the two are sharing this experience together. He said finding love and weight loss at the same time is the best of both worlds and he loves it! Together, Alexandra and Antoine enjoy outdoor activities, including kayaking, hiking and even kickboxing. They dine-in more than they probably would have and enjoy the social time together to talk over a meal “being all-romantic” with music in the background. They rely on Biggest Loser recipes from the show’s cookbooks.

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