Allen Smith – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

allen smithDuring Week 11 of the Biggest Loser Season 8, Allen Smith was eliminated from the weight loss series after losing 95 pounds while on the show. But even though this Indiana firefighter was voted off the show, his eliminated status is not deterring his drive to continue with his weight loss and complete lifestyle overhaul.

Allen transformed from a 325-pound firefighter to a powerhouse who works out twice a day, fulfills his duty as a community servant as firefighter and county coroner and even manages his own healthy catering service. Just following the November 24 elimination episode, Allen took some time from his incredibly packed life to answer a few questions about his weight loss journey and his continued weight loss progress.

Here’s what he had to say about how his health and finances are interrelated and how he plans on enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner without over-indulging.

One thing is for certain, this Biggest Loser contestant’s enthusiasm and dedication to his new healthy lifestyle is more than inspiring. His commitment to his weight loss journey has touched not just his life but his family’s health as well. His wife, daughter and even Allen’s parents have changed their eating patterns and food choices. His dad, for instance, has lost 15 pounds since his son’s Biggest Loser success.

Allen’s vigilant awareness of portion control, smart food choices and finding enjoyment through non-food-related activities are the cornerstone components of his weight loss success to date. In fact, with his improved health, he and his wife hope to add to their family, a dream that has been delayed for the Smith’s because of Allen’s health. Until now.

To date, Allen has lost 125 pounds. We wish him continued success and DietsInReview will keep you posted on whether the future might bring any Allen juniors for this Biggest Loser.

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