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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-18

biggest-loser-finalistsIt all started 17 weeks ago. Eleven couples began a journey to change their lives. This journey has given the final four contestants the ability to see what they are capable of. Ron, Helen, Tara and Mike have all been sent home for thirty days and will return to the ranch for one final weigh-in before the finale. This weigh-in will determine who is in the finale as the final three. It’s up to the contestants to find balance at home and make a system that works for their lives. As if transforming your home life to match your new body wasn’t tough enough, everyone receives a surprise package at their doorstep.

Everyone receives a DVD from Alison that reads “PLAY ME.” She has a very important message for the contestants, they have one more major accomplishment to conquer. For their final challenge they will be running a full marathon. Just 17 weeks ago, the thought of a marathon to most of these contestants was exactly that, just a thought.

Jillian and Bob make their way out to the contestants’ homes for a little one on one time with them to remind them that the game of the Biggest Loser will be over and the game of life is much bigger and more important. It’s Biggest Loser then the rest of your life. Helping the contestants find the balance they need along with the strength and determination to take their final challenge head on, everyone heads back to California with full focus.biggest-loser-marathon

Now for the challenge they will be running 26.2 miles and if they finish the race, $10,000 will be donated to the charity of their choice. With the support of their trainers, Biggest Loser’s and at-home winners, Michelle, Bernie, Ali, Jim, and Heba, the contestants received some great motivation and inspiration to cross the finish line. One by one, Tara, Helen, Mike and Ron, complete the marathon.

This week’s weigh-in will determine who is in the finale. With Helen and Tara safe above the yellow line, it will be up to America to vote in the third finalist. Ron and Mike, father and son, are below the yellow line together. America must choose who will compete with Tara and Helen in the live finale. Regardless, every contestants has worked so hard to get where they are. Everyone is a winner in this and getting your life back is the ultimate prize.

Don’t miss the three-hour live finale Tuesday, May 12. I will be reporting live from the finale. Post your questions for the contestants below and we’ll do our best to get those asked.

May 6th, 2009