Biggest Loser 6: Heba Salama

UPDATED: Watch now – interview with Heba Salama at the Biggest Loser Season 6 Finale.

Heba Salama represents the orange team on Biggest Loser: Families, with her husband Ed Brantley.


Hear Heba’s and Ed’s very first interview.

heba salama

Age 30

Hometown Raleigh, NC

Occupation Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Ed Brantley, Husband

Team Color Orange

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 294

Final Weight 156

Total Loss -138

Percent Lost 46.94


  • “There’s no epidural for exercise… that’s really unfortunate.” – Episode 1
  • “It’s hotter than 50 hells outside.” – Episode 5
  • “This is one temptation I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid.” – Episode 10


  • Starts out as heaviest woman in the house
  • Won Week 2 Competition, shared phone call home prize with Red Team
  • Won Week 3 Competition; Won Week 3 Temptation for a Jayco RV
  • Competing alone after husband Ed eliminated Week 4
  • During Week 5 temptation she won control of game and split the teams – black for Jillian and blue for Bob
  • Will Heba get your vote to be a finalist? (Husband Ed was chosen)


Other spellings: Heeba, Hebaa, Hebba, Heva, Sallama, Salamaa, Salamma, Slama, Saloma

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57 Responses to Biggest Loser 6: Heba Salama

  1. lulu says:

    why are all of you being mean? u never know what those people ARE TRUELY LIKE!!! CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE BIGGEST LOSERS! ALL OF U DESERVED IT! IMAJINE HOW HARD AND LONG HOURS THEY HAVE WORKED TO GET their FABULOUS NEW BODY!!!!! 🙂 I am happy for all of them and I am glad they get to live a happy, healthy life! y’all ARE GREAT TROOPERS BIGGEST LOSERS! this little note is very possitive…why are y’all putting negative things???????!!!!!!!!!! arn’t you happy for them??? I AM! They deserved it!

  2. Homer says:

    I grew up with Heba and I can pretty much say that the Heba you saw on TV is the same Heba I saw throughout school.

    Say what you want, but she got the money and lost the weight. That’s Heba in a nutshell. She may get under your skin at times, but she tends to get the last laugh.

  3. HEBAS FANS!!!! says:

    We never said we were her new ‘BEST FRIENDS’ LOL.. sounds like someone is a little bit jealous!? no?! Heba and Ed are both cool people, you guys dont know the REAL her so why judge? Heba never told us to say anything or type anything, we are just sticking up for her, because, thats what fans do. we did meet and talk to her. she was VERY nice and she looked GREAT. and if u met heba, you wouldnt say all that to her, now would u?! u know u would be like ‘OMG.. HEBA! YOU LOOK SO AMAZING, HOW DID U DO IT?! YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION, YOU WERE MY FAVORITE BLAH BLAH BLAH!”
    LOL… so in truth, just quit with the heba drama.. season 7 started, pick someone out of that crowd to go and hate, since thats obviously what u guys do.. silly BL fans.. leave heba alone!!! seriously.. oh and vicky too.

  4. bill says:

    TO HEBA FANS: quit sticking up for Heba, if he reads these, she probably does not appriciate it anyway, you are nice for being one of the few fans she has, but she probably doesnt appriciate any fans she has. She seems to be very hormonal. I feel bad for you for even speaking up for her. She doesnt need ANY fans but since (suprisingly) she has a few, why don’t you kids (im guessing late teens by the typing) look up to anyone else on the show. Heba is not a very good rolemodel.

  5. IloveTaraCosta says:

    Okay, so I may have voted Heba off, but I reconsider. She is an inspiration to many… keep rockin sister!

  6. birdie says:

    Well, i guess Heba isn’t getting the last laugh. By the looks of her on the laswt BL show, during the marathon, looks like she is gaining lots back. So, what was the reason she was on the show?

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