Biggest Loser 7: Ron Morelli

Keep up with Ron’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Ron joins partner and son Mike during the show’s seventh season.

Age 54

Hometown South Lyon, MI

Occupation City Councilman, Retired Food Distributor

Teammate Mike Morelli, son

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 430

Final Weight 238

Total Loss -192


  • Has had gastric bypass surgery previously
  • Biggest single week weight loss (-32 pounds) in the show’s history during week 1
  • Team lost most weight week 1, won immunity
  • Completed a marathon in week 18 in 13:15:48


  • “Being on the Biggest Loser ranch, for me, is like the fountain of youth.” – Week 3
  • “If I fall down are you going to pick me up?” asked Ron, to which Helen replied “Yeah, I’m strong now!” – Week 7


Other Spellings Ronn, Ronald, Ronny, Marelli, Moreli, Morelly


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  1. Sione , pls don’t call him the Godfather! Manipulative more like it. Ron, walk do yourself a favor. Quit hiding behind your sons. Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that ? So, you have bad knees, find something else!! Lazy!! On national television, what a cop out??! And all of you who support him, he had a gastric bypass, he should have stuck by his regulated diets and formulated especially for “him” program(s). He did not! Kiss my polynesian butt! Best wishes to you Sione.

  2. GOTCHA is an idiot says:

    I love Ron and Mike – what a great relationship they have. Of course Ron is playing the game to have his son win – wouldn’t you? Much better than Helen who sent her very heavy daughter home so she could stay (horrible mom). I think Ron is a great guy – who else could be in the bottom two so many times and still not get voted out. The marathon the other night was incredible – shame on the show for forcing such extremes – but horray to Ron for walking 13hrs. Wow! Talk about wanting to make up for past mistakes with his sons – he hit it out of the park.

  3. GOTCHA! says:

    Ron didn’t hit anything out of the park! You can’t make up 18 years of bad parenting and filthy eating habits by walking 13 hrs. Ron and Mike don’t deserve anything at all. Tara deserves the first, second, and third place money. Ron is selfish. Did you see what happened right when they left the ranch, both Ron and Mike were below the yellow line. That’s a sign of things to come, they will both fall back into there old patterns of eating again. Right after the weigh in Ron and Mike will start gaining weight again, because Tara will have won biggest loser and Ron’s statement about,” his son will win this whole thing”, will be a lie to the nation. They will both be depressed and fall into there old habits again. I predict in two years they both will be heavier than when they first came to the ranch!!!

  4. kim says:

    Hi Ron

    I know is hread to loss the wight i have a lot tropben myself in live in lousisana lot good food here, keep up the good work

  5. Mensawarrior says:

    Well, well, well. We have come almost to the end of this Journey. And believe me if I never hear the word “journey” applied to weight loss that would suit me fine. Ron-Lobster, the city councilman reminds me of the guy on Parks and Recreation. A real “not my department, not my job” kind of guy. And he fancies himself a game-player. That is patently ludicrous. When you think of the Biggest Loser/Winner, I think it should be someone who really “gets it” and will carry that burning desire forward. That is Tara. The Morelli Morass will defeat both of the sons…I too would call that a sure bet. Bad habits, a cop-out attitude, slovenly thinking. The troika of doom. Any thoughts about Jillian? The whole “you gotta let loose a little when a friend is in town” is a very different tune than the one she sang when the team went out to dinner and got schnockered. Tara’s my girl. Selfless to her Mom. A beauty outwardly and inwardly.

  6. melissa says:

    Thanks leah ur right they are to think that i was rootin for ron all the way he needed this! and he needs to be there for max and mike…. im so happy he is doin so good! i dont knw wat id do if my dad wasnt there for me and now mw and my dad are on the right track to losing big! – melissa from fl

  7. Mia says:

    Great job Ron – Keep up the good work!!!

  8. sharen says:

    Its no wonder your son did so well. You are the best support a father can give. You guys are the biggest inspiration to everyone. Its not about losing the weigh but seeing your dream come true and believing you deserve living a great and healthy life. You guys give big hopes and dreams. It makes everyone want to do better and be better. Way to go!!! Good Job

  9. sharen says:

    Hey GOTCHA , I think you will be obese in 2 years. Your jealousy and negative comments are a reflection on yourself. Ron and Mike are really the TRUE WINNERS and inspiration to everyone stuggling with weight. I know Ron and Mike and the rest of their family will do well in life and continue the road forward.

  10. GOTCHA! says:

    Ron is a slob, he has done nothing to lose this weight. Remember he has had gastric bypass(the easy way out), all he did was not mow mow everything he saw and he lost. That would explain why he never worked out and still lost weight. While everyone else had to work for their weight loss, Ron sat back and controlled the gluttoning aspect and lost. It’s really sad how people cheer him on, he is a child abuser.

  11. SueW says:

    Gastric bypass IS NOT the “easy way out”. You would not say this if you knew what those patients go through, even the successful ones. Ron had a BMI over 50 when he got his bypass. According to a 10 year study, 34 % of pts with BMI over 50 regain all or most of the initial wt loss. Dr Terry Simpson ( says success in any weight loss surgery is 10 % the surgery, 90 % the patient. I felt Ron was too manipulative but you have to give him credit for courage and sticking to it. Please don’t judge. Ron found out (like many other pts have) that surgery isn’t that effective. Surgery is sold like used cars these days.

  12. GOTCHA! says:

    First off, GASTRIC BYPASS IS THE EASY WAY OUT! You wouldn’t say that if the patients actually worked out to lose weight. Instead of just relying on the fact that their stomach is small. That’s why all these obese people turn to it, it’s the EASY way out. Can you imagine what your so called “people” would go through if they actually had to put the fork down and start moving and running on their own! Wouldn’t you agree that it’s the harder way to start working out on their own. And if you don’t how could you be so unintellegent? Why don’t you ask them which is harder? The truth of the matter is that it is easier to get cut up rather than actually having to put work in yourself. Obviously, or they would choose to work out, RIGHT?

  13. bubbette says:

    ron did a great job. he has inspired so many people. hope he continues to do well people should quit bassing him. he is at least trying to make amends for what he did to his boys.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Trying to make amends with his boys??????????????????

    Would you say the same thing about a child molester, NO, because the kids are damaged for life right. Well guess what sister, his kids will fall back into their old habits GUARANTEED. He has demolished them, picture all the ridicule they have endured because of their dad and his terrible parenting. Picture how hard it will be for them to maintain a healthy weight, because of how they were raised. It will be nearly impossible, all they have known and been taught from birth is to eat until stuffed to the brim. Pack as much food in as possible, then lie on the couch to digest. They have more struggles ahead that people don’t realize because of their fathers child abuse. Everyone just sees them saying, “Oh I will never go back to that lifestyle again.” They don’t realize that after the finale, and the lights go down, they will be on their own again. If they can keep it up that would be good, but I personally think with their genetics and all of the bad habits they have learned from their dad, that would be impossible.

  15. Elise says:

    I absolutely loved Ron and Mike and they were the main reason I watched the show. The relationship they had should be held as an example to all fathers and sons. The loving bond between them was something to see and I am glad for their success in losing weight.

    It’s a game and Ron played it to the best of his ability. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Losing and winning at the same time?

    I would have loved to have met them and talked to them to get some inspiration and motivation.

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