Meet the Biggest Loser Season 6 Contestants

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alison sweeney, bob harper, jillian michaelsNBC is finally unveiling the newest round of Biggest Loser contestants. Season 6, Biggest Loser: Families, begins Sept. 16. It’s shaping up to be one of the most emotional and inspiring seasons yet.

The focus is on family, with eight teams of two, made up of four husband-and-wife teams and four parent-child teams. Bob Harper will lead the spouse teams and Jillian Michaels will lead the parents and adult children. For the first time ever, as we’ll see in the first episode, Bob and Jillian traveled to inform each team that they would be a part of The Biggest Loser. Once again, Alison Sweeney will host the show, which she says it’s her “job to be their biggest cheerleader!”

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Parent/Child Team (lead by Jillian Michaels)

PINK Team: Renee Wilson (Event manager), 46, and her daughter, Michelle Aguilar (Assistant director), 26, Ft. Worth, Texas.

pink team

GREY Team: Tom Desrochers Sr. (Cab driver), 42, and his son Tom Desrochers Jr. (Cab driver), 22, Everett, Massachusetts.

grey team

PURPLE Team: Shellay Cremen (Stay-at-home Mom), 51, Royal Oak, Michigan and her daughter Amy Cremen (Purchasing department representative), 26, Auburn Hills, Michigan.

purple team

YELLOW Team: Jerry Skeabeck (Police sergeant), 51, and his daughter Coleen Skeabeck (Receptionist), 23, Cleveland, Ohio. Jerry has more life-threatening health issues than any contestant in the history of the show.
Executive Producer Mark Koops explained “our father and daughter team, it’s literally she’s desperate to have her father regain his health so he’s alive on her wedding day.”

yellow team

Spouse Teams (lead by Bob Harper)

ORANGE Team: Ed Brantley (Chef), 31, and his wife, Heba Salama (Pharmaceutical sales representative), 30, Raleigh, North Carolina.

orange team

BROWN Team: Brady Vilcan (Pharmacist), 36, and Vicky Vilcan (Anesthetist), 37, Houma, Louisiana. Their goal is to get healthy so they set a good example for their children-  which includes their overweight four-year-old daughter who already outweighs their seven-year-old son.

brown team

GREEN Team: Adam Capers (Contracts manager), 39, and his wife, Stacey Capers (Contract pricing analyst), 33, Gainesville, Virginia.

green team

RED Team: Phillip Parham (Real estate agent), 41, and his wife, Amy Parham (Real estate agent), 40, Greer, South Carolina.

red team

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36 Responses to Meet the Biggest Loser Season 6 Contestants

  1. JayCee says:

    Oh man – this is making me even more excited for the new season start. Watching the bernie videos the past few weeks has hooked me back in!

  2. Leah Peah says:

    Yeah!!! Me too!!! I so love this show and I’m so excited that it’s coming back. I agree, love Bernie’s videos. Keep us posted- can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Descygna Webb says:

    I can only imagine. Husbands and wives trying to lose weight together along with parents and their kids. Get the tissues ready. I’m not going to miss a second of this.

  4. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait! I’m already pulling for the Orange team and find myself afraid of the grey team (I smell turmoil coming from those thick, Mass. accents (smile))!

  5. KS says:


  6. AngieLee says:

    Go Green Team 😉 Can’t wait!!! Couples can do it together 🙂

  7. Marilyn furbush says:

    GO GREEN TEAM! The best of reality shows. The ‘Green Team’ have the weapons of their warfare!

  8. KC says:

    Go PURPLE!! PURPLE!! PURPLE Team!!!!!!!

  9. Allyson says:

    The red team looks cute!! I can’t wait for the season to start!

  10. J Nicholas says:

    Go Purple – We have confidence in the work that is being done in you both – We’re pullin for you – Go get um

  11. StephW says:

    Go Team Yellow!!!

  12. Sylvia says:

    I cannot wait for this season to start! Since season 5 ended, I was inspired to begin my own weight loss journey and I’m down 30 something pounds …

    Thanks BL, thanks for the inspiration & motivation!

  13. auntie says:

    green green is the best team

  14. Katie says:

    This is great!! I’ve always hated not knowing the people on new seasons. What a neat way to get an insight before the show starts. Can’t wait!! 🙂

  15. Michaela says:

    Unless you happen to know a team, how can you decide who to root for until you see their personalities? No matter how they look they can end up being total jerks or whiners. I’ll wait until after the first episode to decide. 🙂 But I will say, “Go Jillian!”

  16. irene says:

    i really like this show and enjoy watching it i am hoping yellow team wins she is young enough to do it.and to show her dad she is strong enough too achevie her weight lost.but as for her trainer all i have to say is she is suppose to be ahealth andwellness expert. but to me if i had her for one i would let her know i am not doing this for her or for money but for myself and to make a diffrers in my life and my health.jillian to me just me off the way she talks and treats her teams.she is to help them learn how to change there lives not make them want to give up on thereselves or there teammates its hard enough to deal with a weight problem she is very rude .

  17. Jack says:

    This Season is shaping up to be a bit dramatic. I have a sneaking suspicion that Vicky is going to be the biggest backstabber. Colleen and Amy really look amazing.

  18. Lori says:

    Vicky, Brady, Heba and Ed are the BIGGEST losers……..with their attitudes. Congrats for the other contestants that have kept their cool because I probably would of already given them a piece of my mind!!!!! LOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Amy says:

    I have watched Biggest Loser from the beginning with my family. We will not be watching this show anymore. Heba, Vicky and Brady have ruined the show. What are they teaching the young ones out there? It is not about losing the weight as they say it, its all about the game. I can not believe that the producers of the Biggest Loser would let this go on. Yes it is a competition however it is not a dirty and mean one. They have said some hurtful things to and about Phil. I guess they were scared of him since he was a threat. Heba in the beginning said she was only there for loosing the weight so she could have children now that the drama has started I dont even hear any of that from her all she can say is its a game now. I dont know who is worse Vicky or Heba. Biggest Loser is not fun to watch anymore. When picking the next cast choose wisely! Vicky I hope you are next!

  20. Patti says:

    I am appalled to think that Vicky thinks she should be a role model for the Biggest Loser. Sure she’s been successful in losing the weight but her attitude and demeanor are nasty and degrading. I think Brady is also embarrassed by her at times. She is obviously the ring leader and thinks she’s superior to everyone else in the house. Thank you, Amy for having the guts to use your own brain in voting Brady off. Hopefully, Vicky will be next.

  21. Ida says:

    I thought I was the only one thinking that Vicky, Brady and Heba were just playing it wrong. Vicky, what a . Thank God Amy decided to vote on here own and got Brady out of there. Lets see what Vicky and Heba will do know…..

  22. LITTLERORO3 says:


  23. Nat says:

    Vicky makes my skin crawl. She is one of the meanest people I have ever witnessed in action. Her husband is no better. He goes along with it but is a little less outspoken. Heba is so two-faced. I really think Vicky will be leaving tonight now that Amy stood up to them and Heba has Ed to keep her there. All she has to do is goof up which is likely because she had a good week last week.

    Last season was much more insprirational than this season. The drama is very detracting from the purpose of the show.

  24. kim says:

    I agree with Nat. Vicky makes me sick too. She not there to lose weight, she there to win the money!!!She is only losing the weight to get the money.She said it. their only there to win the MONEY and if that lose weight along the way great. If she becomes the the biggest loser it will be only in LIFE!!!!!!What kind of example is she showing her childern.Be mean and hurtful to others and thats the way to play. I can’t stand her! I could bet my life on it, that if she becomes the winner, the next day she will be sitting on the couch eating a box of doughtnuts! laughing her head off.

  25. Jamie says:

    Did anyone else notice that tonight’s episode, at the end when they show the previews for next week, showed next week’s scoreboard after Vicky, Ed, Heba and Amy C had already weighed in – including their percentages?

  26. Dave says:

    I am so glad that others feel the way I do about Vicky, Brady and Heba. I too have lost interest in the show because of the completely malicious attitude of those three. I have been saying for two or three weeks I wouldn’t watch the show any longer because of the evilness that exists only among V, B and H.(Ed isn’t smart enough to be as mean) I watch the show weekly with my family and I am appalled at the language Vicky and Heba use. I have never heard so many beeps on what has been a family type show. I am embarrassed for Brady, Vicky and Heba because of what the rest of the world thinks of them. I don’t know if they understand we are all watching them every week. I feel bad for Phil and Amy as well as the other contestants that have to play the mean game with the “three devils” instead of playing a “fair” game and losing weight at the same time. What really bothered me last night was how Bob coerced Amy to vote with the blue team instead of what could have happened. If Bob is an employee of the show, he should not be talking game strategy with anyone. He should only train them in the gym. If he wouldn’t have said anything, I think Amy would have had the gumption to vote Evil Vicky off last night.

  27. michele says:

    Amy had her chance tonight to get rid of Vicky and I wish she would have done it. Vicky called her all kinds of horrible names. I wanted Amy to tell her where to go. The show is going down hill fast and I won’t watch it next season if It’s going to be like this. Joe what do you think?

  28. Michele B. says:

    I am so proud of Amy to have the guts to vote weaslie Brady off. And i cant believe nobody’s mentioned or said anything to Wicked Witch Vicky ,Brady or Heba, that they’ve all been playing the game all along!! Vicky plays it so well she didnt even think a video from her kids was a worth it ,yeah i said it,but how could she say that on national T.V. Wow! those kids are gonna need some therapy. So i dont know where they get off by saying they’ve been so betrayed. Yes, theres a time and a place to be loyal,but when you have class,which none of them do, you apply it at the right time,especially with your sportsmanship.!!Did anyone notice from the very beginning Heba didn’t like it when Phil didn’t answer her at the eating in the dark challenge? She was trying to take control and be bossy and he didn’t like that.So from that point on she didn’t like him.The same goes for Vicky at every step of the way,when she doesn’t get her way,(playing the game),she does the same thing.So its ok for them to game play,but not for anybody else!! And then of course theres Brady and Ed,who sit there like a couple a wipped men who don’t dare be men and stand up to their wife and fiance for their appalling behavior.You better take a good look @ your perspective future Ed!!And everyone knows that when it gets down to the nitty gritty Vicky would vote off her own husband, mother and kids, because if everyone was paying attention from day one she said that it would be her and Brady winning 350.000,her the 250.000 and of course Brady the 100.000,because of course she would have already booted him off.Its a good thing Bradys afraid of you cuz he might be all you got when you go back to normal life.Your friends might be appalled @ you like the rest of us. So your not fooling us Vicky ,duh,weve all got her number!

  29. Alicia says:

    Each season I look forward to watching the Biggest Loser, but this year I have been so disappointed and disgusted. Each week I watch Vicki, Heba and Brady scheme and backstab everyone. I was so disappointed in Amy that she did not vote Vicki off when she had the chance. I think Amy is a really nice person but she blew it with me when she sent Colleen home last week and had the nerve to say in her ear “you will be just fine”. Amy also said she was voting Colleen off because she was a threat, no her biggest threats are the three dogs that continue to stab everyone in the back. Yes I know everyone wants the money but play it fare and square. What about integrity. Yes Colleen will be fine but not because you have help her. Amy disgust me because of what she did, she is no better than Heba, Vicki and Brady. I have had enough of the four. Last week was my last time watching the show, it is going to be hard but I refuse to continue to watch the way those four are treating everyone. I almost feel that I am betraying Michelle and Renee by not watching. Good Luck and Best wishes to Michelle and Renee, I really hope they win. Maybe when the four partners in crime are gone I will watch again. When Amy realizes that there are no more teams she will be much better off. I know her mom has to be disappointed with her. She is friends with the same people that got rid of her mother. Watch your backs Michelle and Renee.

  30. Jen says:

    I hope this evening that Vicki is on the bottom 2. Then have Brady or Heba on there as well. Let’s see who will vote Vicki off now. Everyone!!!!!! Vicki is playing the game. But I think in the end it will bite her in the rear. If the “Mighty three” make it to the final. Who is going to win. Hello!!!!! Not her. Heba and Brady will never vote one another off. It is common sense.
    I would love to see Michelle or Renee win. They are so cute and are in this not just for the money. But a building block for their relationship. If they don’t win I guess I will go with Brady. He is just doing what his wife says.

  31. fan says:

    I am so disappointed with this season !

  32. TK says:


  33. Doris says:

    I too love the show and have watched it from the very first season. I can’t wait until Season 7. This show is very inspirational to so many and like most of you I too cannot stand Vicky, and Heba. I think they should allow the viewing audience vote people off. I would have voted Vicky off a long time ago.

  34. Sara says:

    Michelle, you’re such an inspiration! Great job keeping your cool and hanging strong eventhough you were constantly surrounded by nasty people! You look outstanding! But we always knew you were!

  35. Never disappointed with a biggest looser season. They all give inspiration, motivation to keep changing and moving forward. That’s all that really counts anyway. Forget the Drama. Enjoy the ride of watching amazing people who at one time did not feel so amazing take big leaps and bounds and persevere to the end.

  36. Sheryl says:

    Jill from Idaho…here is another Idahoian that feels the same way you do….

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