Biggest Loser Season 6 Teaser

In case you’ve missed it, we wanted to share with you the Biggest Loser 6 promo commercial that’s been on the air.

alison sweeneyIn a call with host Alison Sweeney and executive producer Mark Koops today, they shared that this is one of the most emotional seasons yet. Alison explained that each of these individuals are bringing to campus with them their biggest enablers, none of them want to go back to the life they’re leaving behind.

mark koopsMark Koops shared that the genesis for the Biggest Loser: Families season was from viewers like you and I. They took the feedback on message boards to heart. He says these weight and health issues begin at home, and through Biggest Loser they can help the contestants on the ranch regain their health and lives and insodoing, help Americans learn how to make the same changes for themselves.

In case you’re wondering about Alison’s pregnancy and what that means for her hosting- she says “My job is to be their biggest cheerleader!” She isn’t due until January 2009 and she’s confident she can shoot through Biggest Loser 7 without needing a replacement. She can’t imagine having to be at home and receive weekly updates, rather than being on campus herself.

Stay tuned for more Biggest Loser 6 details, and more on our call with Alison and Mark.

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  1. ann yacullo says:

    I did a commercial to promote The Biggest Loser a few years ago. I would like to view it, I never saw it. I have been over seas for a few years in combat, and would like to know if there is a web address I can go to, to see all past commercials, can you recommend?

    Thank you,
    Ann Yacullo

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