Biggest Loser 7: Helen Phillips

Keep up with Helen’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Helen joins partner and daughter Shanon on the show’s seventh season.

Helen is the Season 7 BIGGEST LOSER WINNER!!!

Age 47

Hometown Sterling Heights, MI

Occupation Retired Retail Manager

Teammate Shanon Thomas, daughter

Team Color Pink

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 257

Final Weight 117

Total Loss -140


  • Week 1 — Biological age 48; “RealAge” 60
  • Week 17 — Biological age 48; “RealAge” 50
  • Reached 100 pound milestone in week 17
  • Completed a marathon in week 18 in 5:49:10
  • Competing as a finalist


  • “This is our Monday.” – Week 1
  • “I don’t ever want to go back to the way I used to live.” – Week 4
  • “If I fall down are you going to pick me up?” asked Ron, to which Helen replied “Yeah, I’m strong now!” – Week 7


Other Spellings Hellen, Helin, Ellen, Helan, Philips, Philps, Phelps, Phillip


161 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Helen Phillips

  1. Jo says:

    Well said Lisa. For the life of me I don’t understand this logic people have saying “well, she had to take care of herself first so she can take care of her family and show them how to lose weight”. That is the biggest BS I have ever heard. I am a mother and there is no way in hell I would send my child home so I could stay because I would know darn well that was the place they needed to be to lose it and have that once in a life time chance to train with world class trainers. You can just hear the heartbreak in Shannon’s voice when it was decided she goes home instead of her mother. I just hope Helen does take her knowledge and her money and give her daughter the help she needs to lose weight because her daughter needed it more than she did. Helen could use some parenting lessons from Ron and Cathy. Now those are two people who put their children first. They way it should be!

  2. LIsa says:

    Well, that’s it for me with this ridiculous program. I feel betrayed. Perhaps Hellish was still in the range of a healthy BMI, but just barely, I think. And she looked ill from it. The trainers are both very fit and thin, but they look healthy, toned. She looked railish – not like a person who’s spent a lifetime caring for and training her body to maintain that weight in a healthy way, but like a woman who fasted and over-excercized. And in the end the show promoted this. Obesity is an eating disorder. The opposite is as well. And this program pushed that image – ultra-thin at ANY cost and we will give you money for it.

    That said, they should have done a better job screening these people. She never should have been cast. No one wants to see some vile villian win it. She was selfish in the lowest way possible right till the end. She came off as self-absorbed, self-obsessed, weak, back-stabbing, conniving, vile… All her self-pitying moaning and self congratulation… Vain, nasty… That they allowed such a person on this show is equally disturbing, especially considering all the wonderful, inspiring people with serious weight problems who are out there, and who deserve this kind of help.

    Unfortunately, as it is a reality show sap-fest, it will carry on, and not die the death it deserves after this season.

  3. nat says:

    Helen looks awful, I think she took some kind of drugs to win this game. She aged. Looking like a 75 years old lady. I do not liked her either. She was such a fake

  4. james says:

    I thought Helen looked good and yes she did lose the weight. Mike and Tara were so close to her and they could have gotten that little bit more off and won. Yes Mike and Tara look healthier and have much more muscle. BUT I HATE HATE HATE HELEN!!!!! What a selfish mother. It was not just forcing her daughter to leave — SHE NEVER MENTIONED HER DAUGHTER AGAIN ON THE SHOW. Never once. Not once did she say she wished she could still be there as well or like she even gave her a second thought. It was always ME, ME, ME, I, I, I —- yes she did good — but how about a little humility. She is the worst one to win ever. Good job Jerry on winning at home.

  5. watchdog says:

    Well James sorry to say, but thats exactly what society has become today. ME ME ME!!

  6. Cindy says:

    Get over yourselves with your holier than thou mentaliy. Being a mother does not mean that you do EVERYTHING for a child. They made a decision together and Shannon is an ADULT not a young child. Jeesh, you dont become a non-entity simply because you become a mother. People are entiled to persue a dream- even a mother. This was Helen’s time to do something amazing in her life. That is not her fault nor is it Shannons fault- it is what it is. Helen going on and winning the final gives so much hope to women out there who have hit middle age and think it is too late to become fit and healthy. She is an inspiration to millions of women out there and to her daughter as well. Get the hell off her back. She did the hard work- and worked harder than any of you who have felt free to condemn her- So get off your butt and lose over a hundred pounds and then, just maybe, you will have earned the right to criticize her and her choices!

  7. watchdog says:

    How about just get over the show. ITS OVER!!

  8. harkin says:

    Cindy even if one loses over 100 pounds then why would you say that they would have the right to pass judgement or criticize others?You had me right up to the point you said that. Made you look just as judgemental as the others on here that you were going after.

  9. Becka says:

    ugly skeletor better not be on any BL products….. I don’t want to see helen’s face anymore!!! I hate that she won

  10. Lisa says:

    Okay I know it is kinda late on this but I forgot to check back on the blog since I last posted 2 weeks ago. This has been a great dialogue and place to freely express opinions. So “Get over it” well then what would we blog about? Seriously I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s point of view. BTW has anyone else noticed there has been no magazine covers with good ole’ Hell? (I stole that name spelling from a previous blogger). I just saw one on US magazine and it had Tara and Helen. Seems the sponsors may be listening after all.

  11. Rosie says:

    You know I really think that your opinion of Helen just doesn’t matter to her at this point in time. Who cares if she is on a magazine cover or not…. She’s is $250 K richer and the “Biggest Loser Winner”, can;t take any of that away from her. You go Helen… you deserved to take the win for all the women 40+ out there!!!!!!!!!!!

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