Melissa Morgan’s Second Biggest Loser Elimination

The message from the Biggest Loser ranch last night resonated loud and clear – they aren’t playing the game. The message meant an elimination for Melissa Morgan, her second this season, and the first at the hand of her fellow contestants. She earned a spot back on the ranch during a week 11 twist, and then quickly picked up where she left off by being the most competitive person in the house. The contestants were clear that that was not the motive of season nine.

Melissa argues though that there is plenty of game play going on without her help, and pinpoints Michael and Koli for being players. Listen now as she talks to us about the game play in the house, as well as her effortless preparation for the half-marathon she completed.

“Is that the craziest thing in the entire world,” squeals Melissa, as she reflects on running the half-marathon at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans. “Six months ago I was a fat girl who couldn’t get to the mail box and back without dying.” Melissa says she really didn’t prepare to run the 13.1 mile race (which she completed in 3:49), she simply worked out each day. Now she has her sights set on taking on the San Antonio marathon this fall.

Not only is Melissa running races she never imagined she’d be doing, her marriage is in a better place than she anticipated. She and Lance, her husband and teammate, have both confessed that their marriage was in a rocky place before they went to the ranch; now they say it’s better than ever. They are living a “healthy, fit lifestyle from this point forward,” says Melissa, and no longer allowing one another to be the enablers they were before joining Biggest Loser.

Returning to the competition after leaving during week six, Melissa said it was a very different experience, saying it was even harder than the first day and that she really struggled with it. In the five weeks she’d been at home, the dynamic had really changed in the house. There were new friendships, new alliances, and they had her pegged as the villainous game player. She says she never realized how much of a competitor they viewed her as until she watched the show. “I guess they really wanted me to go,” she remarked.

Her fellow contestants made that point abundantly clear during the swimming pool challenge in last night’s episode, as they all lent their support to Michael and O’Neal and left her in the deep end to fend for herself. If that wasn’t enough, a unanimous vote for elimination sent her packing for the second time. She says she doesn’t take any of it personally, and that whether her fellow contestants want to admit it or not, when you’re on Biggest Loser, it’s a game.

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