Lance Morgan: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 10

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lance biggest loserAge 37

Hometown Aspermont, TX

Occupation Rancher

Team Color Red

Teammate Melissa Morgan, wife

Starting Weight 365

Finale Weight 237

Total Loss -128

Family Married, 2 Children

Videos and Interviews

Mini Bio

Lance grew up in a rural Texas farming and ranching family and was raised on a diet of meat and potatoes. Taught from an early age to finish everything on his plate, this conditioning continued in to adulthood and that’s why he cannot leave food on his plate, or anyone else’s, now. With a booming oil industry in 2004, Lance was in high demand as a commercial diver. As the industry tightened up its standards, Lance continued to gain weight, and found himself without of a job.  Lance’s weight has hindered his ability to earn income to support his family.  Lance has the strength, stamina and determination to win this battle and start living a happy and healthy lifestyle, but he needs guidance on how to do it.

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Other Spellings Lanse, Mirgen, Morgen, Morgans

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