Interview with Melissa Morgan and Lance Morgan, Biggest Loser 9 Contestants

lance and melissaAs Biggest Loser season nine goes back to couples, only one team will be made by a husband and wife. Married eleven years with two children, Melissa Morgan and Lance Morgan say they mentally and emotionally needed this trek to the Biggest Loser ranch. Between Melissa’s demanding career as an attorney, and Lance’s inability to work due to his weight, there have been strains.

They say the experience on the ranch so far has brought them closer together and that they complement one another well. Even with the baggage they’ve brought to the ranch, and after working out with Bob and Jillian for a week, they remain positive and upbeat. Melissa says “You can’t help but be positive… we’re blessed to be here.”

Listen now as we speak to Melissa and Lance during week one on the ranch.

Please note that due to limited phones at the Biggest Loser ranch, audio may come across broken.

While Melissa’s been a big fan of the show for years, and Lance was defensive about his weight, they say they were still ready and willing to take on the challenges.

So far they say working with Bob and Jillian is the best of both worlds.

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