Melissa Morgan: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 12

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melissa biggest loserAge 39

Hometown Aspermont, TX

Occupation Attorney

Team Color Red

Teammate Lance Morgan, husband

Starting Weight 233

Finale Weight 143

Total Loss -90

Family Married, 2 Children

Videos and Interviews

Mini Bio

Melissa’s most healthy years were as a teen and in her 20s, while she was involved in softball and daily workouts. Melissa then got married and put on a full forty pounds during the first three years, adding another 20 pounds after the birth of her children. During law school, Melissa chose to eat out instead of having healthy meals with her family. When it comes to her clients and the courtroom, nothing gets in Melissa’s way. Yet, at the gym, Melissa can give every excuse not to go. Losing weight will help Melissa obtain a life-long goal and develop a new fit lifestyle. Melissa’s tenacity and sheer determination provide the mental stamina to achieve her weight loss goal, but she needs to work on the emotional and physical capabilities also.

Other Spellings Mellissa, Melisa, Mellisa, Malissa, Mirgan, Morgen, Morgans

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