O’Neal Hampton, Jr.: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

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oneal biggest loserAge 50

Hometown Minneapolis, MN

Occupation USPS Station Manager

Team Color Yellow

Teammate SunShine Hampton, daughter

Starting Weight 389

Finale Weight 230

Total Loss -159

Family Married, 4 Adult Children


  • Returned week 5 to earn a spot back on the ranch. Lost 51 pounds in 30 days at home.

Mini Bio

As a competitive person. O’Neal’s competitive drive definitely derives from his love of sports. Known as “Big O’Neal,” he has been a coach and player of football for more than 35 years. After a recent asthma attack, his oldest brother died before his 58th birthday. This untimely death served as a wake-up call to O’Neal, and he is now dedicated to becoming healthy and losing the weight for good.
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Other Spellings O’Neil, Oneal, Oneil, Big O’Neal, Hamptons, Hapton

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