Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 5 with Amanda Arlauskas

It’s a dramatic start for week five at the Biggest Loser. The episode opens up with a frantic call from the medical trainer, Sandy. He calls production to let them know that Miggy is being sent to the hospital due to abdominal pain.

Then, it’s finally time for the yellow and blue teams to come back to the ranch! The blue team drops an impressive 63 pounds, while the yellow team drops an astounding 76 pounds. The yellow team secures a spot back on the ranch to compete with the other contestants for the grand prize of $250,000. They also gain immunity and this week’s only vote at elimination.

mike and koliThe challenge involves hitting a pendulum type structure. Only one person from each team can participate. Whatever team reaches 1,000 hits first wins immunity, and whatever team comes in last place receives a two-pound penalty. Michael Ventrella of the white team impressively passes both the red and gray teams winning immunity, and unfortunately for Sherry Johnston, she loses giving she and her daughter the two-pound penalty.

Miggy Cancel comes back to the ranch explaining that she was diagnosed with appendicitis, and has had her appendix as well as a mass and cyst removed. With this she is limited to only walking and light exercise while at the ranch. Which she does, just days after undergoing surgery. “If walking is all I can do, I’m going to walk from here to Puerto Rico,” she proclaimed. And it paid off, because she lost enough weight at the weigh-in to remain on the ranch.

During the weigh-in the red team comes close to the yellow line, but unfortunately John Crutchfield loses only six pounds. This causes him to fall below the yellow line, and because he is the only representation of the brown team, there is no need for a deliberation, and he is automatically sent home.

A special note about week five, former season four contestant, Hollie Self, worked on the production team to create this episode. Learn more about her involvement in Hollie Self’s back stage pass.

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