Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 7 with Amanda Arlauskas

Well after a long dry spell without The Biggest Loser, it’s finally time to find out who will be eliminated from week six, either Cheryl George or Darrell Hough. Unfortunately Darrell dropped the torch and was eliminated from the game.

Alison Sweeney reveals a temptation to the contestants. There are hundreds of cookies on a table with a memory game board. Michael Ventrella and Andrea Hough are the only two contestants that decide to participate. Whichever player finds two golden tickets will win the opportunity to choose one player to have immunity, and also split the remaining contestants in to two teams, blue versus black. Micheal Ventrella ends up winning and gains control of everyone’s fate. Once the teams are decided, Michael gives O’Neal Hampton, Jr. immunity.

Now that the teams are set it is time for the first challenge. Each team must work together to raise their flag up the side of a building. The blue team wins, winning letters from home. This is an emotional loss for the black team as it has been seven weeks since the players have been home, and everyone is missing their family and friends.

The weigh in begins and the anticipation is high as the blue team is “stacked up” with players who are in a better position to lose weight. Together they lose a combined 48 pounds, or 2.70%. The black team looks worried, but they impressively come back to lose a combined total of 41 pounds, or 2.82%. With that, the black team wins the weigh in and the blue team is up for elimination. Michael Ventrella lost the highest percentage, so he is immune from elimination. After four votes, Miggy Cancel is eliminated!

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