Darrell Hough: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 6

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darrell biggest loserAge 46

Hometown Ann Arbor, MI

Occupation Press Operator/Mechanic

Team Color Black

Teammate Andrea Hough, Daughter

Starting Weight 413

Finale Weight224

Total Loss -189

Family Married, Two Adult Children

Videos and Interviews

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Mini Bio

Although Darrell wants to live life to its fullest, his weight has kept him from doing so. Darrell has always been the heaviest in his family. As a child, his grandmother’s visits left him eating dozens of her delicious cookies. This habit continued through adulthood. He’s never been one to give up, and as such has tried every diet and exercise program but just can’t stick with it. Darrell wants to reclaim the years and quality of life that obesity has caused him to lose. He has been living behind the weight for too long and is ready to overcome and conquer this battle once and for all.

Other Spellings Darell, Daryl, Darrel, How, Howe, Hogh

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