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Biggest Loser Recap: Season 12 Episode 8

Upsets for some contestants and records for others move the contestants one week closer to finale.

Week eight starts off with a very upset Ramon because his teammates voted his girlfriend Jessica off of the ranch last week. He is NOT a happy camper and doesn’t trust anyone anymore, especially Joe and Sunny from his very own team. I can already tell that this kind of energy is not going to be good for the blue team!

As the trainers are walking into the house, Alison appears and tells Bob, Dolvett, and Anna that there is (of course) a twist this week! Only one person from each team will be weighing in for the entire team this week, and it’s up to the trainers to decide on who that person will be. Each trainer has pros and cons for each of the contestants and it is very up in the air who they will choose. The bottom line is everyone should work as hard as possible and that is all that truly matters at the end of each week.

Everyone seems to be struggling a lot this week, especially the blue team. The bond that we saw last week seems to be gone this week, but the show must go on. Anna tells Sunny to think of the big picture and she will be just fine. After all, this is about the rest of the contestants' lives and what truly matters is that they remain healthy five, ten, and twenty years from now. I hope the blue team, ALL of the contestants, and everyone in America understands that. This is a show about getting their lives back and inspiring others to do the same FOREVER, not just for a few months. I love that Anna is telling her team to see the big picture from here on out.

Dolvett also has a big moment with Bonnie. Bonnie has a breakthrough while on the treadmill and she is very open to Dolvett and I think this switch up in trainers is the best thing that’s happened for Bonnie. She is starting to believe in herself and slowly but surely getting to where she needs to be! I love that! Also, Dolvett has challenged Bonnie to lose more than 7 pounds this week because that is the most she’s ever lost in any weigh in.

It seems to be the “mental” week with these trainers, because next Bob has a moment with Becky. Becky opens up about her childhood and tells Bob that she never felt like she was good enough for her father. She forgives her father and tells the child within her that she is beautiful and worthy of all she wants in life. I love learning more about Becky because I think she is a wonderful woman with huge potential. I’m glad she’s finally seeing it!

The challenge this week is off campus. It’s a cooking challenge! And there are two guest judges. The first is Olivia Ward, winner of season 11. Devin Alexander, the author of all of the Biggest Loser Cookbooks, is the second guest judge. How fun! The challenge is to cook a recipe inspired by Devin’s latest cookbook, Biggest Loser Quick and Easy, and it will be based on the amount of calories in the food and the taste, of course. The coolest part about this challenge is that the trainers get to join in on the fun! That is a rare thing on Biggest Loser, and I love that the trainers get to be added into the mix of the challenge this week. After some awesome recipes are dished out to the judges, Devin and Olivia decide that the black team wins this week and they receive a one-pound advantage at the weigh in, a sit down lunch with Olivia to talk strategy, and their recipe gets to be in Devin’s new cookbook.

During the black team’s lunch with Olivia, there are scrapbooks given to Vinny, Antone, and Becky from their families. My favorite scrapbook was from Lori, Vinny’s girlfriend, who is very much in love with her boyfriend and it just shines through the scrapbook. Not being able to speak to their families for so long is probably the hardest part about being at the ranch. It’s also the most rewarding because you realize how much you truly love and appreciate them and you just can’t imagine life without them! I know I will never look at my loved ones the same after my experience at the ranch and being completely cut off from them. All in all, getting these scrapbooks is the best prize that the black team won this week and I am very happy for them!

During the last chance workout, the trainers are really paying attention to who they want to choose to weigh in to represent their teams. I can’t imagine making this decision, especially thinking that it could potentially send someone home from their team if they choose wrong.

The weigh in starts with Bonnie weighing in and losing 8 pounds, the most she’s ever lost at any weigh in! I caught myself cheering out loud for her. She has come a REALLY long way! The kicker, though, is that Dolvett has chosen John to weigh in this week as expected. John loses 10 pounds which is great, but Bonnie’s percentage is actually higher. Next, the black team weighs in and Becky is representing them. She loses 6 and beats John and the red team’s percentage. It’s down to blue and red yet again, and Joe is chosen to weigh in. Ramon and Sunny both have very low numbers and Joe only pulls a 2 for his team. Needless to say, the blue team is going into elimination and it is between Joe and Sunny. The rest of the contestants vote Joe off.

The good news is that he looks SO great and very healthy. He is able to ride a rollercoaster with his daughter for the first time in years. That has to be a huge moment to him and his family! Congratulations, Joe, on a fabulous job both on and off the ranch! Keep doing everything you are doing because you have truly already won and will be the biggest winner at that finale in December!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay motivated! I know this is the time of year that we all kind of give up on ourselves because after all, the new year is less than two months away and you think you can just start your new lifestyles then. That is NOT the mindset to have! Start today! Start right NOW! Do something for yourself to be the best version of yourself! I believe in all of you. Do you believe in you?

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