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The Biggest Loser Resort Sponsors the Biggest Loser Newsletter

Published March 3, 2010

We are pleased to announce that Biggest Loser Resort is now the official sponsor of the Biggest Loser Newsletter. It’s a terrific opportunity to introduce fans of the show to one more place where they can live the Biggest Loser lifestyle for themselves.

The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge is located in Ivins, Utah. It’s a picturesque setting that offers that sense of seclusion that the contestants experience, without the chaos of cameras, interviews and producers. Instead, guests at the resort enjoy a week, or longer, stay working with fitness experts and nutritionists for a one-of-a-kind wellness getaway.

As the sponsor for the Biggest Loser Newsletter, Biggest Loser Resort will share recipes, guidance from their nutritionists and tips from their fitness instructors in each week’s issue. This is in addition to’s coverage of The Biggest Loser, including video recaps from season eight finalist Amanda Arlauskas and eliminee interviews.

Learn more about the Biggest Loser Resort in our review, or sign-up for the Biggest Loser Newsletter.

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