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Published October 4, 2010

The entire team was flattered and honored to learn that they'd been nomimated by their followers as one of the most inspiring accounts to follow on Twitter. That enthusiasm was compounded when they learned their followers' votes placed them at number 29 on a list of 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps.

The award, hosted by Leah Sedegie (, was held on the women's weight loss site She says the contest was so popular "that it crashed my site twice."

Nominations were accepted and those numbers were then tallied to create a top-50 list. Tweeters were then invited to vote so that the list could be organized to reflect the best of the best in that list. proudly came in at position number 29, keeping some very good company all the way around.

"We're glad to know that the personality, enthusiasm and information we're sharing with our followers on Twitter does have value," says Brandi Koskie, senior editor for "We think healthy living is pretty fun and try to convey that in everything we do."

You can follow at, where they share a tip of the day, recipe of the day, giveaways, links to breaking news and much more.

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