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Courtney Crozier Prepares Healthy Back to School Snacks on WGN

Published August 5, 2011

Our Biggest Loser Correspondent, Courtney Crozier, made an appearance on WGN's Mid-Day News on August 5, 2011 to share some of her favorite tips and recipes for healthy snacking. Specifically, she shared ideas for making after-school and lunch box snacks better for the kids.

Recipes like a blueberry smoothie, sweet and nutty trail mix, and melon salsa were part of her segment demonstration.

She even showcased some healthy things you can grab from the grocery store, like Wholly Guacamole.

Some of Courtney's tips included filling up on fiber instead of junk, replacing sugary snacks with fresh fruit, and getting rid of empty calories from soda and juice.

Since losing more than 200 pounds and leaving The Biggest Loser, Courtney's made it her mission to show everyone out there that you don't need a TV show to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle. With a few simple changes, like those she showcased on WGN, the whole family can feel and look better!

See more about Courtney's appearance, the recipes she featured, and a video here at WGN Mid-Day.

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