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Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.5

Some big changes took place this week on the Biggest Loser ranch. The remaining 10 contestants went into teams of Black vs. Blue. This is an extremely emotional week for these contestants. Some lose their favorite trainer, some lose their partner, some both.

biggest loser last chance workoutTo choose teams, the contestants had to test their luck. Each contestant took a chance at spinning a wheel with thirty-some silver platters. They could “win” a high calorie dessert, $1000, or the power to make the teams. A few contestants took a spin and each received a high calorie food. Danny probably wins with a delicious looking cupcake for a whopping 700 calories. Next up is Tracey. Pretty much every contestant says if she wins there will be a mutiny. Well, sure enough, lady luck strikes again! Tracey gets the power to choose teams, hopefully stacking the teams in her favor. The other contestants generally get upset, and I can under stand why.

After some time, Tracey returns with her choices:
Black: Abby, Danny, Daniel, Shay, Amanda, and Dina
Blue: Tracy, Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy, and Rebecca

Many of the contestants were upset at the choices that were made, but it’s a game in the end, suck it up. At least it wasn’t a coin flip…

In the first challenge of Black vs. Blue, four contestants on each team had to carry the fifth contestant through a course of hills, and mud pits. The Blue team won by a lot, and really should have. With Allen and Rudy, the team is pretty much stacked physically. The winning team won videos from home. Liz gave up her video for Danny, and it was just the push he needed.

This week’s last chance workout was another killer and looked awesome. Jillian had her team out in the prison yard doing some hardcore body weight exercises. Again, someone please buy me a sled and some weights. Maybe some heavy bags. And some gloves. Christmas is coming up. Just sayin’.

For the Blue team, much of the workout focused on Dina trying to jump up onto a box. This is A LOT harder than it looks. The mind likes to play tricks and it really is frightening, more-so for women from what I understand. As Bob explained it to Sione, Filipe, Tara, and myself: “Boys are dumb, they’ll do anything; girls are smart and think about stuff.” Pretty true I’d say.shay biggest loser

In the weigh-in, nothing super spectacular occurred. Daniel lost 11 pounds, and Shay lost 16. Those are great numbers, but they are coming off of horrible weeks with last week’s immunity. Strategy paying off. Black team won the weigh-in, and with Liz having the highest total percentage of weigh loss, she was safe. It all looked very grim for Tracey.

While deliberating on who to send home, Coach Mo spoke up telling everyone to send him home. He said for the good of the team he should be sent home. The team agreed and off one of my favorite players went.

That’s all from this episode. I’ll see you guys next week!
-Mike Morelli

October 14th, 2009

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I was basically surprised that Tracey was not voted off this week, but I was glad to see that the blue team could put there personal feelings aside and do what was best for the team.

I don't understand why Tracey would but such a HUGE X on her back this early in the game. I hope and pray that she is not just a game player, but is really there to make a life change.

So far, it's been a great season and I look forward to seeing what will happen next week.

posted Oct 18th, 2009 1:37 pm

Groovy Vegan

I'm surprised Tracey chose Bob as her trainer, given Jillian's history of training winning teams. Could she really be afraid of a confrontation and -whooping by Jillian as Jillian said?

I think Tracey should have left Amanda and Rebecca together, and put them on the black team. They have the least weight to lose, and seem to struggle more to take off the pounds than other players.

IMO, Tracey should have split up Daniel and Shay, putting Shay on the blue team, as she has a LOT to lose, whereas Daniel's so much closer to his goal.

Also, I would have put Danny on my team. Danny has a LOT to lose.

posted Oct 14th, 2009 10:45 pm


Hey Mike, thanks for these recaps, I do quite look forward to them.

I think Coach Mo may have fallen on the sword for the team as a result of seeing the videos from home. He came to the ranch to inspire others and to change his life, and I think seeing how his family members lost so much weight he felt like his journey at the ranch was complete.

Thanks for pointing out the gameplay by Dan and Shay last week, I had forgotten about that when I saw the weigh-in this week. No wonder the black team pulled such good numbers. I wish Dan had at least admitted that he was gameplaying last week but him downplaying it seemed to have gotten everyone to forget what he did, me included. So I'm glad you mentioned this, because it really did work out well for strategy purposes.

Tracey winning the golden ticket was really quite eerie. As was the last little blurb of her hubby's video to her. It's almost as if she's doing some sort of black magic to win the game. And those eyes and faux emotion just weird me out.

I wish Dina the best. I hope she makes it on the platform. I wonder if they have shorter platforms on the ranch so she can work her way up to the taller ones...that may work better for her. It's all a mental game, much like the karate chop exercise to break boards is for aspiring martial artists.

I know people are loyal to their favorite trainers, but really I'd think they'd be happy to stay on the ranch a week longer with the other trainer than to go home, so it shouldn't be so overwhelming and depressing to switch up trainers, both Bob and Jill are world-class trainers and either one of them will pound all the fat out of you. In fact, given the same opportunity, I'd love to switch trainers up, because being too attached to one trainer misses the opportunity of experiencing multiple training techniques. So if I was in that situation I'd hug the old trainer and get to work with the new one, it's not like Bob and Jill aren't on par with each other.

posted Oct 14th, 2009 9:21 pm


Love your recaps, Mike! I shed a tear or two during the elemination :( But that's become pretty regular for me this season lol I've cried during ever episode so far for one reason or another... lol...

You should come run in the St. Jude race in Memphis in December... they have a full and half marathon, and I believe a either a 5k or 10k... Since you donated your check from the full from the show, I bet they'd LOVE to see you at the race!

posted Oct 14th, 2009 2:46 pm


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