Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.5

Some big changes took place this week on the Biggest Loser ranch. The remaining 10 contestants went into teams of Black vs. Blue. This is an extremely emotional week for these contestants. Some lose their favorite trainer, some lose their partner, some both.

biggest loser last chance workoutTo choose teams, the contestants had to test their luck. Each contestant took a chance at spinning a wheel with thirty-some silver platters. They could “win” a high calorie dessert, $1000, or the power to make the teams. A few contestants took a spin and each received a high calorie food. Danny probably wins with a delicious looking cupcake for a whopping 700 calories. Next up is Tracey. Pretty much every contestant says if she wins there will be a mutiny. Well, sure enough, lady luck strikes again! Tracey gets the power to choose teams, hopefully stacking the teams in her favor. The other contestants generally get upset, and I can under stand why.

After some time, Tracey returns with her choices:
Black: Abby, Danny, Daniel, Shay, Amanda, and Dina
Blue: Tracy, Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy, and Rebecca

Many of the contestants were upset at the choices that were made, but it’s a game in the end, suck it up. At least it wasn’t a coin flip…

In the first challenge of Black vs. Blue, four contestants on each team had to carry the fifth contestant through a course of hills, and mud pits. The Blue team won by a lot, and really should have. With Allen and Rudy, the team is pretty much stacked physically. The winning team won videos from home. Liz gave up her video for Danny, and it was just the push he needed.

This week’s last chance workout was another killer and looked awesome. Jillian had her team out in the prison yard doing some hardcore body weight exercises. Again, someone please buy me a sled and some weights. Maybe some heavy bags. And some gloves. Christmas is coming up. Just sayin’.

For the Blue team, much of the workout focused on Dina trying to jump up onto a box. This is A LOT harder than it looks. The mind likes to play tricks and it really is frightening, more-so for women from what I understand. As Bob explained it to Sione, Filipe, Tara, and myself: “Boys are dumb, they’ll do anything; girls are smart and think about stuff.” Pretty true I’d say.shay biggest loser

In the weigh-in, nothing super spectacular occurred. Daniel lost 11 pounds, and Shay lost 16. Those are great numbers, but they are coming off of horrible weeks with last week’s immunity. Strategy paying off. Black team won the weigh-in, and with Liz having the highest total percentage of weigh loss, she was safe. It all looked very grim for Tracey.

While deliberating on who to send home, Coach Mo spoke up telling everyone to send him home. He said for the good of the team he should be sent home. The team agreed and off one of my favorite players went.

That’s all from this episode. I’ll see you guys next week!
-Mike Morelli

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