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Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 4 with Amanda Arlauskas

Week four on the Biggest Loser ranch… we see game play, players determined to show how badly they want to stay on the ranch, and some hostility!

Right off the bat is a very important pop challenge. One that will give the winning team immunity as well as three sealed envelopes. The objective is to run around the “presidential mile” and pick a card off of a board. Each team then must run back together and put the card in a slot. If they receive a green check, they get one point. A red ‘X’ means they have to try again. Three points is all it takes to win this pop challenge. The red teams win, giving them immunity as well as handing out a 2 pound advantage to the green team, no access to the gym to the brown team, and no vote in this week’s elimination to the white team.

The first workout is intense as the red team threatens to no longer work with Jillian after she calls Melissa Morgan a liar, for “allegedly” throwing the weigh-ins in weeks two and three.sam koli

This week’s challenge reward is to receive phone calls home. Each team must stand on a platform, and using a handlebar must pump themselves up a 120 foot rope. The gray team wins, and also has the ability to choose three other teams to also call home. They choose to reward the red team, brown team, and green team with these phone calls.

The weigh in shows decent numbers. The pink team looks as though they may be the unlucky team to fall below the yellow line, but this is only until the green team weighs in. Miggy Cancel loses only one pound, giving the green team a combined weight loss of five pounds. With four votes, Migdalia Sebren is sent home, per her request.

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January 27th, 2010

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WebGoddess, you are totally right, melissa did half admit to throwing the weigh in the first time around. Something about saving "Saving pounds"

Good catch!

posted Jan 28th, 2010 9:28 am


Thanks again for your recaps Amanda.

Red team is *so* playing the game. I think Lance tried to keep his number low this week, he is a huge guy and should be able to drop more than 6 lbs easy. I don't get why they can't just admit to it, I thought they admitted to it on the first time they got immunity and now they're backpeddling. Still I thought they deserved the phone calls home because they almost won the challenge so it was with class that gray team handed them one of the call home prizes.

I was not a fan of this week's pop challenge. Immunity should never be handed out by random chance but by hard work. We see purple team lapping everyone and yet she did not get a single green check.

Michael had a good week this week. I think his mom going home finally gave him a chance to step out of his shell. I really think Maria was a big part of Mike's weight gain and not the best person to support him through the journey.

Incidentally I also felt exactly the same way about the green team. I was sad to see Migdalia go...I suppose I can understand her not wanting to miss a chance to see her husband for many more months. But I really think that Miggy was holding Migdalia back and that Migdalia never got to really break through her issues, many of which had to have been tied to Miggy.

Anyway I don't know why Lance and Melissa can't just be straight with the trainers. Melissa is not a good liar. I just wonder if she's actually convinced herself that she's being honest. However I much prefer Melissa and Lance's drama over the Vicky/Brady/Heba drama. I can't really blame them for playing the game but they shouldn't get all weird about being called on it.

I hope pink team gets better numbers next week. They really need to be there. They only slid by because green team self-sabotaged. I guess green thought they were going to lose the weigh in anyway and didn't put int he effort to save themselves.

posted Jan 27th, 2010 9:04 pm


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