Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 4 with Amanda Arlauskas

Week four on the Biggest Loser ranch… we see game play, players determined to show how badly they want to stay on the ranch, and some hostility!

Right off the bat is a very important pop challenge. One that will give the winning team immunity as well as three sealed envelopes. The objective is to run around the “presidential mile” and pick a card off of a board. Each team then must run back together and put the card in a slot. If they receive a green check, they get one point. A red ‘X’ means they have to try again. Three points is all it takes to win this pop challenge. The red teams win, giving them immunity as well as handing out a 2 pound advantage to the green team, no access to the gym to the brown team, and no vote in this week’s elimination to the white team.

The first workout is intense as the red team threatens to no longer work with Jillian after she calls Melissa Morgan a liar, for “allegedly” throwing the weigh-ins in weeks two and three.sam koli

This week’s challenge reward is to receive phone calls home. Each team must stand on a platform, and using a handlebar must pump themselves up a 120 foot rope. The gray team wins, and also has the ability to choose three other teams to also call home. They choose to reward the red team, brown team, and green team with these phone calls.

The weigh in shows decent numbers. The pink team looks as though they may be the unlucky team to fall below the yellow line, but this is only until the green team weighs in. Miggy Cancel loses only one pound, giving the green team a combined weight loss of five pounds. With four votes, Migdalia Sebren is sent home, per her request.

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