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“You need a gym? You're at the Grand Canyon! You don't need to go to the gym! Go outside and start using those bodies!” - Bob Harper, contestants return from trip

CRY of the WEEK

Saying goodbye to Jerry. From the moment that 2+ weight gain flashed, through his and Coleen's emotional debate, all the way to watching him leave.


All of the contestants. They sabotaged themselves during the grand canyon by acting as if they were helpless without their gym and trainers.

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Better Blueberry Pancakes

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Eliminated Week 3: Jerry Skeabeck

He was the victim of the season's first real twist during Week 3. Falling below the yellow line with daughter Coleen, they had to choose between themselves who would go home and who would stay. He said he's glad Coleen stayed because she's a "Biggest Loser Junkie!", and he's no doubt made her proud by sticking to the plan at home. Learn more about what he's been doing to lose more than 80 pounds, his pre-finale goal, and which Biggest Loser cast member replaced his former hero.

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Bernie's Episode Recap: Week 3

"The contestants’ trip to the Grand Canyon didn’t last long, they eventually found themselves back on the Biggest Loser Ranch where Bob and Jillian were waiting to kick their butts in the gym. Both Bob and Jillian were not happy with their teams because none of the contestants worked out as hard as they should have while away."

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