The Biggest Loser Encourages Reducing Water Bottle Waste

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Today, these are the three “Rs” to live by. Going green is no longer just for granola-crunching mom-and-pop organizations. Now, the mega corporations are jumping on the bandwagon.

Biggest Loser

In an effort to reduce our plastic water bottle waste, NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser, is joining forces with water-filtration giant, Brita, to encourage the entire viewing audience to stay hydrated via environmentally-sound means. For the second season in a row, The Biggest Loser campus will include Brita water filtration drinking stations so that contestants can stay hydrated and not contribute to the 38 billion water bottles that already exist in land fills. That is a lot of Aquafina and Evian!

The partnership is called FilterForGood. You can take the pledge also to reduce your usage of plastic water bottles by signing up on the campaign’s website. You’ll also receive discounts for tons of Brita products.


I don’t know about you, but I love it when a high visibility platform, like The Biggest Loser television show, uses its popularity to propel an important message and cause. I know that some people really abhor it, but when it comes to a greater good like the environment, we can’t do enough partnerships like the one between The Biggest Loser and Brita. As each passing day, more research gleans light on the reality that we must reduce our carbon footprint- what better message to put forward on Tuesday nights than to be more conscious of our water-drinking habits?

Aside from this partnership, Brita products are fabulous for the home. From the pitchers to the faucet-mounted filtration systems, they are an excellent way to have purified water in an arm’s reach. You save money too by not having to buy a case of bottled water every week. Even though you have to purchase new filters every few months, the cost is well under what you normally pay to quench your bottled water habit.

And we all know by now that drinking plenty of fresh water is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Water helps to flush out toxins, promote regular digestion and keeps our skin well-nourished.

I use our water filtration system for everything. I fill up my pink Nalgene bottle every day with it so that I’m not tempted to spend money on a bottle of water or soda. After doing this for almost ten years now, I am always amazed when I see grocery carts full of cases of bottled water. I just hope and pray that the bottled water drinkers are taking their empties to the recycling bin. If you don’t have a regular curbside recyling pick-up in your neighborhood, contact your local municipal office for a recycling center close to you. Trust me, recycling feels so good to do.

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  1. Beth Terry says:

    While it’s great that Clorox (maker of Brita water filters) is going green and working to end the spread of plastic bottle waste with its Filter For Good campaign, what they don’t tell you in their ads is that the plastic Brita cartridges themselves are not yet recyclable.

    Check out this YouTube video:

    And please check out the Take Back The Filter campaign and help spread the word. We are collecting signatures, writing letters to Clorox, and collecting used filters. Help us help them go even more green!

  2. Rose Rowan says:

    I would also be careful of the waterbottles you use. Make sure they are BPA free. The hard polycarbonite bottles are banned in many countries and are under investigation in the US for cancer causing agents.

    Stainless Steel are the best

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