Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 3 Recap

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Wow! Episode 3 was definitely a great one. Contestants went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, what a terrific trip. The road trip however wasn’t without its obstacles, while headed to the Grand Canyon contestants made a stop at a convenience store to take part in this seasons very first temptation. Contestants had to guess the calories found in some of the quick eats most travelers encounter along their travels. Ed and Heba ended up winning and as a result were rewarded by getting to spend the rest of their trip in a luxurious RV while all the others had to rough it in tents.


heba and ed biggest loser

This weeks challenge was really neat. Contestants found themselves in kayaks paddling for their chance to win an RV, which is one of the most incredible prizes I’ve ever seen given away on the Biggest Loser. Maybe it was the time they spent in the RV that drove the Orange team to do so well because when the challenge was over we saw Ed and Heba emerge victorious!


biggest loser grand canyon

The contestants’ trip to the Grand Canyon didn’t last long, they eventually found themselves back on the Biggest Loser Ranch where Bob and Jillian were waiting to kick their butts in the gym. Both Bob and Jillian were not happy with their teams because none of the contestants worked out as hard as they should have while away.

At the weigh-in contestants were thrown a twist. Host Ali Sweeney informed teams that only one team would fall below the yellow line this week instead of the normal two. She then told the contestants that it would be the decision of the team below the yellow line to decide who would go home and who would stay. When the scale finally cam to a stop we saw the yellow team Jerry and Coleen fall below.


jerry and coleen biggest loser

After a lot of discussion and a ton of tears they yellow team decided that Jerry would go home. Jerry’s follow-up video looked great, he has continued to lose the weight (70 pounds to date!) and is well on his way to living a long and healthy life. This season has really got me hooked and we’re only three episodes in! Be sure to tune in next week to the Biggest Loser and come visit me once again here at for your weekly Biggest Loser Episodic recap.

4 Responses to Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 3 Recap

  1. Margo says:

    Great recap Bernie! Thanks for doing these!!

    Glad you touched on the trainer’s being miffed at the contestants for not working out on the trip. Maybe I’m being harsh b/c I’ve never been there- but they seemed like a bunch of whiners. Aren’t trips like that supposed to set them up for the real world- no trainers, no gyms. I would have hiked all over that place… and maybe even tried to pick up a boulder! 😉

    I was devastated watching Jerry and Coleen say goodbye to one another. SUCH a heartbreaker! I am so so so glad to see that Jerry is doing so well at home and is going to be around for his daughter.

  2. C says:

    Was rather surprised that the teams seemed to have not worked out while at the Grand Canyon… but you’ve got to wonder how much of that was for the show. I’m guessing all the competitors did work out, at least doing cardio, because quite frankly, they’re all in it to win it. They’ve got the drive, and I can’t see any of them not using their time wisely.

    I am SO glad Jerry’s injury wasn’t life-threatening. I got worried when it could have been a clot / infection. Jerry looks amazing! I can’t believe the change in him. His family must be thrilled that he is so fit and healthy. I hope Colleen soldiers on by herself. There are enough girls around the campus that she should be able to make friends. Seems they really liked her, especially with all the nice things they said during her birthday “party” (that was so cute of them. I’m betting no one ate the cake though. lol. Maybe the crew?).

    I’m starting to really like Red, Orange, and Pink right now. Purple team seems to be a fun pair, but we haven’t seen much of them, really. Not sure how I feel about brown. Maybe they just haven’t had enough camera time yet. Or maybe it’s Brady’s reaction during the “Grey / Yellow” elimination debate. I can only imagine how stressful that was though…

    I don’t see a clear leader of the pack yet, in terms of a big competitor. I’m hoping we get to see more working out, and less challenges/temptations. I would love to have more than 5 minutes of workout per 2 hrs of show. I like to see how things get switched up for them in the gym. Some of it is torturous, though! I remember last season when Jillian had Brittany on a weight bench, she was halfway off of it, and Jillian was standing on her back screaming “resist!” I could not believe it was actually happening. Poor kid. I’ll stop rambling on now… 😉

  3. Mary says:

    I really dislike brown….vicky’s smile/grin joy when yellow fell below the yello line was not just relief, there seemed a meaness…I know I may be reading too much into it…but I really do not care for her.
    Heba and Ed I did like them alot, but I think they were unfair to LT especially after ed’s comment about where he comes from. I liked them alot until they voted for LT to go home after LT had given them his extra vote to stay! LOVE COLEEN, she is a competitor, and love Michelle, Purple are truly fun! Red….hmmm….Real Estate Agents, they are game players (I am one so I can say what I know) on the auction, he had no intention of going for the 10k…they were working there…..oh well my little thoughts, anxious for tonight…hope the debates don’t cut into it!!!! Are there debates tonight? I missed the office last week cuz of them….oh well…stay thin everyone!

  4. D says:

    A pool at the ranch is often shown in shots at the ranch, but the contestants don’t seem to use it to work out. Why is that?

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