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Men Obsessed with Fat Women on Tyra

Tyra showTune in Tuesday, May 17 to the Tyra show for a discussion about men who prefer extremely overweight women. Two couples will appear on the show to discuss their relationships, not only with each other but also with fat. One man say he loves that his girlfriend is morbidly obese, but does his attraction lead her to lead an unhealthy life? Tyra also asks the big question: would he still love her if she lost weight?

This controversial subject has been getting a fair amount of press recently. While anyone can be attractive at any size, when does a preference for fat become unhealthy? And is this preference really that remarkable?


Get Your Shape In-Shape on Tyra

Update: This episode will air again on Monday June 6, 2011.

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Tune in to Tyra on Tuesday, April 5 to learn how Tyra Banks stays in shape. “This is not about being skinny. I want everyone to get in their best personal shape,” says Tyra. The show talks about the healthy way to get a trim and fit body. Tyra, who has recently proclaimed that she is the healthiest she has ever been, will spend the entire episode helping you get fit, feel happy and live healthy. Tyra’s personal nutritionist, Heather Bauer will be a guest on the show. Bauer is also the author of the Wall Street Diet.

Of course, there are no quick fixes for weight loss or fitness, but Tyra promises this is a plan that all her fans and viewer can do with enough determination. Plus, she has a a group of young women as guests on the show, to talk about what they want from getting in shape.

Check your local listings for show times.

Weight Discrimination on Tyra

Tyra Guests

UPDATE [8/1/2011]: This episode of Tyra will air again on August 4, 2011.

Tune in today, March 21 to the Tyra show for a discussion on weight discrimination. Tyra’s guests talk about the acceptance of weight discrimination, which seems to be wide spread. The panel shares their opinions about people who are overweight and obese.

Weight discrimination is also known as sizeism or weightism. Common weight-based stereotypes are that the overweight are lazy, lack self-discipline and have poor willpower. These stereotypes can lead to deeper assumptions about a person’s intelligence or character, leading to difficulties both professionally and personally.

Check your local listings for show times.

Obese Children and Their Parents on Tyra

Obese Children and Their Parents on TyraTune in to Tyra this Thursday, March 17 for a debate about childhood obesity. How responsible are parents for their children’s weight problems? Or do kids and teens participate in creating these problems for themselves?

In the past three decades, childhood obesity rates have tripled in the United States, and nearly one in every three children is obese. Tyra hosts several families with obese children to talk about this problem, which can lead to health issues like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. What can these parents do to help their kids?


Tapeworm Diet on the Tyra Show

Tapeworm Diet on the Tyra Show

UPDATE: This episode will air again on Monday, 5/23/11.

Swallowing tapeworms to lose weight may seem too out there to believe that anyone actually does it. Two women who are willing to try it will be guests on the Tyra Show tomorrow. They and Tyra will be shown the ropes of the tapeworm diet by a specialist who sells the intestinal parasites over the internet. You’ll see how big tapeworms can really get inside your body, plus learn about the potentially fatal risks. (more…)

Quantam Scale Will Never Show Your Weight

There is a scale out there for everyone. At DietsInReview.com, we thought we had seen it all, with scales that upload your weight online, to even a chair that doubles as a scale. Turns out we haven’t seen it all. The Quantam Scale, which was featured on The Tyra Banks Show and The Bonnie Hunt Show, does not show you your weight. Yes, you read that correctly; it will never show you your actual weight.

When stepping on the scale, it will simply show you how much you have lost or gained, but not those three dreaded numbers.


Tune In: Results of the Shape Your Shape Challenge on The Tyra Show

Tune in this Friday, May 21 to The Tyra Show to see the results of Tyra’s Shape in Shape Challenge.

Last year, Tyra Banks publicly discussed how she got her shape into shape with the help of her own nutritionist, Heather Bauer, RD, author of The Wall Street Diet.


Tune In: Circus of Weight on The Tyra Show

UPDATE [5/2/11]: This episode of Tyra will air again on Monday, May 2.

Tune in this Wednesday, March 10 to The Tyra Show when she features her own Circus of Weight.

No. It’s not some new diet, but rather the Circus of Weight is a social experiment that uncovers the stories behind weight stereotypes.

From being called too fat, too skinny or too muscular, Tyra’s stage is filled with a panel of men and women that come in all shapes and sizes.

In an open discussion, they share their stories of body discrimination and also share their desires and fears for why they look as they do. (more…)

Tune In: How Tyra Got Her Shape Into Shape

tyra banksTune in this Friday, November 27, 2009 to The Tyra Show when Tyra reveals how she got her shape into shape.

Just a few weeks ago, Tyra helped you get your shape into shape and now it’s her turn to reveal the secrets behind how she got fit and healthy.


Tune In: Tapeworm Diet on The Tyra Show

tyra banks

UPDATE: This show will air again on Monday, 5/23/11.

Tune in, this Monday, November 9 to The Tyra Show to learn about the Tapeworm Diet, one of the most repulsive and extreme diets that have women risking their digestive systems just to be skinny.

The Tapeworm Diet is truly only for those with tough, iron-clad stomachs: Swallow a parasite that eats up everything you consume. As you eat, rather than your food being absorbed and metabolized by your body, the tapeworm devours everything from your breakfast cereal to your afternoon bag of chips, leaving you with a loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea and of course, weight loss.