Man Fired for Too Much “Waist”

overweight manPatrick J. Ronayne is suing his former employer, Winston Golf and Winston Manufacturing of 3Sixty Group LLC, after being fired from his $75,000-a-year sales position because “he was not a flat belly.” That statement is reported as being told to Ronayne in his lawsuit claim, and that he “was replaced by a thinner person.”

Ronayne is seeking more than $25,000 for weight and age discrimination. The 5 foot 11 inch man is 61-years-old and weights 225 pounds, according to state records. This puts his BMI at more than 31, which is considered “obese.”

Spokesman for the company, Garrett Morelock, says Ronayne “wasn’t a good salesman” and that the lawsuit is “absurd.”

(Via: Associated Press)

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