Body Trace Wireless Scale Makes Tracking Weight Easy

Like most people, I had a standard scale that I kept in my bathroom and at random times throughout the week would hop on to monitor my weight. I never tracked my weight over time, but simply knew when I got on the scale if I liked the number or not. That was then; this is now. And, scales have become increasingly advanced to help people track their progress toward their weight loss goals.

The Body Trace eScale is one of these advanced scales as it wirelessly uploads your weight to your account on the Body Trace website. Below I have outlined the main features of the site and their functions, along with my comments on each:

A weight chart for you to view your progress against the goal you have set. Simply standing on the scale to check your weight will automatically input that session into the chart.
Comments: This function is very cool and takes no time at all. I may not always remember to go to the site and view my progress, but when I do, it’s great to be able to track any changes. I am not one to condone living by a scale, as it does not fully represent your current state of well-being, but as a tool to help keep you in check; this is not a bad option.

A food tracker, where the option to input your food intake is available. As you type your meal into the text box, many automated options will come up. It requires you to select from these options, so in many cases you will need to select the one that most closely matches your entry, if an exact match is not available. Next, you will auto select the serving size from the options provided, along with what meal and day it represents. Once completed, a calorie count will be listed for that item.
Comments: Because the food tracker only allows you to input foods from those listed within the tool, this may not be the most accurate way for you to track your intake. If your sole purpose is to write down what you eat day-to-day, then this tool wouldn’t have a lot of benefits. Additionally, the food tracker does not sum your total calories for you, but lists each separately, which is not very user-friendly.

Recommended and daily intake is an area on the site where total energy, carbs, protein, fat and water are listed. Based on the information that you enter, with weight goals and current weight, these fields populate automatically. As you enter food into the food tracker for the current day those, values will update for you to compare against your provided overall daily allowance.
Comments: The recommended daily allowance is calculated solely off of your starting weight and the goal weight you set. Many more things factor into what your calorie intake should be, including height, BMI, activity level, etc. Unfortunately, this function does not allow the user to enter for prior days, so had you not entered your meals the previous day it will not update.

An item of note; the scale does not come with any written instructions. Rather, they are listed on the Body Trace website, which is not a big issue, as one would likely not buy a scale that connects to the Internet if they did not have online access. Additionally, only one person can use the Body Trace scale, not multiple accounts/users. However, in speaking with the president we learned that the company is currently testing solutions to allow for two users, so that option may come available.

To learn more about the Body Trace eScale you can read our DIR review here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    my scale continues to get a Conn Err 5. The website has nothing on how to troubleshoot

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