Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.9

Big, new, exciting things on this episode of Biggest Loser. With two people going home, the addition of a red line, and some extreme overreacting, how could anyone pay close attention? Well, if you missed some things this week, I have a recap for you.

As I said before, this week is a double elimination week for the contestants. This put all of the contestants on edge and really brought out the best competitive nature in all of the them. We finally saw some game play by the two groups of alliances (young vs. old), and tensions really started to heat up. In the pop challenge, the human tank, Allen, won a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in. That reward is extremely important at this stage in the game. So many contestants have gone home on just one pound, it’s ridiculous.

rudy and shayThis week’s challenge was circus inspired as the contestants had to jump through hoops to eliminate their competitors. I know I ask for a lot of stuff from you all in this blog, but this one is kinda cool. 1. Does anyone work for the circus. 2. Can I come and play with the elephants, or jugglers or something fun? Thanks.

Back to the challenge. Shay seemed to think that Rudy made an extreme alliance with her and proceeded to act like a crazy person. There was some ground for the claim, but, seriously, Shay would have lost anyway and in the end it’s a game. Start playing chess, not checkers.

The contestants had some very intense workouts, and again, Danny was out back with the giant tire and sledgehammer (I’m still waiting for that gift by the way; I understand it could get lost in the mail, but it’s been a while). He wins intense workout of the week, and it showed on the scale.

(Another perfect transition to the weigh-in. Man, I’m getting decent at this blogging thing.)

biggest loser circusThe contestants dropped absolute bombs! The numbers for week nine were huge. Shay lost 17 pounds, losing 100 pounds faster than any woman in Biggest Loser history. Danny dropped a bomb, Liz had her highest weight loss total, and Rebecca lost a monster 10. Daniel was the unfortunate victim of the red line, losing 199 pounds in his stay on Biggest Loser. He did an amazing job and is doing great at home.

The people below the yellow line this week were Shay and Amanda. The house voted out Shay, most likely for game play reasons. I would have voted off Amanda, because she is the bigger threat. Sure, Shay has a lot of weight to lose, but does not have enough time to lose enough weight to have an amazing percentage. Amanda on the other hand is just like the winners from seasons past, being a smaller woman. She even has the right color to win (pink). But, again, I’m not there.

Next week is supposed to be an amazing week people so let’s get excited. Until next time BLnation.
-Mike Morelli

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