Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.7

I thought this was a fun week for Biggest Loser, but the episode also had a few things that are driving me insane.

This week was face-off week. I love face-off week. It gives the contestants the chance to focus on one person the entire week, making the only goal to beat a single opponent. There is no team to help you and you have to carry yourself.

rebecca and amanda biggest loserThe pairings were made very well, and the best pairing was Daniel vs. Liz. An older contestant vs. the youngest in the house (just like Cathy and myself). And the most problematic match-up for Black, who picked teams, was most likely Amanda vs. Rebecca. Rebecca is pretty much a powerhouse and Amanda seems to be having a difficult time as of late.

I also liked the challenge this week. Derek Jeter showed up via video, which was very cool, even though I’m not a Yankees fan. Black team had a far better strategy and beat Blue, winning a two-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Black team also won lunch with Chef Curtis Stone, who prepared this Mediterranean Turkey Burger for them.

Shay and Abby had their inevitable heart-to-hearts with Jillian, which was a great thing to see.

At the weigh-in, Black chose to give the two pounds to help Amanda, but it didn’t, and Rebecca won the round. Blue went on to the win the weigh-in.

Rudy was the man of the week losing an incredible amount of weight to beat Dane‘s record of losing 100 pounds the fastest- 101 pounds in 7 weeks!

Now, that was all fine and dandy in the episode. For what I hated (If you are a huge Daniel fan I’d stop reading now) here we go:

Abby should not have gone home. Daniel should have. Argue it. Daniel has been on the ranch for two seasons and cannot find that next gear to kick in and lose good weight. In four weeks he’s lost like 15 pounds. He does not deserve to be there when others truly do need to be there. Abby asked to be sent home, but she could have benefited far more if she stayed on the ranch. Daniel has all the knowledge he needs to be healthy. Now, I realize that Abby asked to be sent home and that may be a reason why Daniel is in the house, which brings me to my next rant.

abby rike biggest loserSTOP ASKING TO BE SENT HOME!!!! Stop it. Big people generally put others first, it’s our nature, it’s how we got big, you’re welcome skinny people. The ranch is a place that you can finally put yourself first. Do it. Abby needed to be there and she asked to be sent home. She could have come so much farther mentally if she were able to stay at the ranch. It was admirable that Sean and Antoine went home for Shay, but now Abby asked to be sent home for no one that needed it more.

Okay….I’m done.

All in all, I’m not on the ranch, I’m not looking at it from a gameplay side with alliances and voting and whatnot (Young vs. Old if you haven’t noticed yet), and the show has already been filmed so it’s not like they can do anything now anyway, if they wanted to listen to a stupid teenager!

I liked this episode a lot because it actually got a reaction out of me. Next week looks like it’s going to be great, spending the week in Washington, D.C., and I can’t wait to see it.

Happy Halloween everyone!
-Mike Morelli

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