Jillian’s Still the Man in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 3 Recap [VIDEO]

So episode three had some interesting stuff going on. After the first elimination there are a ton of emotions and they did a great job showing how it got in everyone’s heads! I was shocked though to hear Tina have regrets after Allie was sent home, especially after seeing the lack of support Allie had at home. I know this ruffled a ton of feathers in the house. I think it’s awesome that Lisa wants to help Allie, but she will be able to help her a lot more the longer she stays on the ranch and takes care of herself. And to be honest, it’s probably her need to take care of others that got her to the ranch in the first place.

Can I tell you how much the “who deserves to be here more” thing is just crazy making!? There was a ton of it during my season and of course people think the bigger people need it most, and generally, yes they do need the help, but it doesn’t mean they deserve it more. The ranch is about hard work and effort and whoever puts in the most gets the most out, bottom line.

Oh alliances, how sweet it is ‘til someone finds out and starts gunning for you! Truth is there will always be game players but like Bob said game players always gain the weight back! I think it was really telling that the game player in the house is trying to say Adam is game playing by keeping Aaron, but it was pretty obvious that was a heart vote based on his own experiences. My grandma always said a liar will accuse everyone of lying… hmm.

Never think that one very trim man can’t kick the snot (literally), sweat, tears and puke out of 15 big people! Bob’s circuits are NUTS! You would think that with 14 other people he would miss you but he has eyes on every part of his head and he ALWAYS sees you! Did anyone see him laughing while people were puking? And he’s the nice one? HA!

So this week’s midweek weight… the new norm? Who knows. I have to say I enjoy the changes. I think it’s a bit more like real life that things happen, life changes and you got to make the best of everyday. If anything it will make them better prepared for going home and to get the most out of every workout no matter what!

Even after Jillian’s “we can do it” women pep talk the girls are almost all below the yellow line, save Ada and Jessica. (They also dropped the ball and let the guys RUN the pop challenge!) They battle it out and you see the return of the dreaded week-two curse (although it’s really week three, remember) numbers. After the digging challenge, which might I add is quite the workout, Tina and Lisa are left to be up for the vote. Ironic? Possibly.

Anna Kournikova stopped by Biggest Loser for a tennis challenge.

Tina is sent packing (for her vacation no doubt) and she does super well at home encouraging her daughter along the way. I think it’s awesome she got to help her daughter and that shes making the life changes but I am still a little miffed that Allie didn’t have the spot that Tina easily gave up.

A little psychology lesson for you all. It’s called projection where Jesse‘s anger is directed at Bob, but he’s really angry at something else. It could be himself for getting to where he is or something else, but it happens a ton in the Biggest Loser house because most people there are dealing with ton of pent up or misplaced emotions.

One thing many people out there ask is what game play works when immunity comes into play. Basically there is something called water loading where you can drink extra amounts of water knowing you have immunity. This helps you in NEXT week’s weigh-in where you would “weight heavier” this week and next week the extra water weight is gone and you lose a substantial amount. If you gain weight you lose immunity. *cough cough thanks Neil cough cough*

Favorite quotes:
“I’m still the man around here” – Jillian

“I will break your legs and beat you with them” – Bob

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