Tina Elliott: Biggest Loser 10 Contestant

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Age 58

Hometown Boring, OR

Occupation Retired

Starting Weight 263

Final Weight 191

Total Loss -72 / 27.38 %


  • Married
  • 2 Adult Children
  • 8 Grandchildren

Mini Bio

Tina Elliott did not live her entire life overweight. She grew up a thin, healthy girl, and spent her 20s working as a swimsuit model. A major turning point, though, came when she was 28 and her first marriage ended in divorce, leaving her the single mother of two young children. Then, her youngest daughter became pregnant at just 16-years old, followed soon after by her oldest daughter, making her a young grandmother and co-parent. She’s a long fulfilled the role of caregiver and worked hard to always make ends meet no matter the obstacle. After her second husband left her for another woman, Tina was left with little self-esteem or happiness. Her current husband, Ed, has helped her find unconditional love, and her family as settled and she’s finally ready to start enjoying life and taking care of herself.

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Other Spellings

Tinna, Tyna, Eliott, Elliot

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