Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.1

Biggest Loser is back and it seems to be bigger and better. Fifteen new contestants are competing for the title of The Biggest Loser and (the more important part) to get a second chance at life. In the spirit of second chances, Daniel Wright, a season 7 alum, got to come back to compete on this season. I’m glad to see him back and hope he can conquer his weight battle once and for all.

What do you all think of Daniel coming back?

daniel wrightThe first challenge for these new-comers was to finish the last mile of the marathon the Season 7 finalists had to complete. A mile may not seem like long for some, but believe me, when you are out of shape, it seems like a marathon.

Not surprisingly, Daniel won the marathon, but the real story here was Tracey. Tracey had to be airlifted to a hospital and was out of the game for the entire week!! Another personal favorite of mine, Coach Mo, was also taken to the hospital, but thankfully returned later in the week.

At the initial weigh-ins, the heaviest cast reported in. Four men over 400 pounds, and the heaviest contestant ever, Shay, weighed in at 476.

After the weigh-in, of course was the first workout. The thing that shocked me most out of the entire episode was Shay quitting the very first day. I can understand not liking being yelled at, but to walk out of the gym, knowing how much you need it, and how unhealthy you are is amazing to me. I hope Shay can get her act straight for the coming weeks.

The weigh-in this week was pretty impressive. The contestants all lost a lot of weight. The people who stuck out in my mind were Rebecca, who lost 18 pounds, Mo, who lost 19 pounds after being in the hospital, and Julio, losing only 13 pounds.

alexandra white biggest loserI say only 13 pounds, because being as big as Julio is, and how much water weight is lost the first week, something is fishy. Anywhere else 13 pounds is unbelievable, but on the Biggest Loser ranch, the first week is not good. Julio and Alexandra fell below the yellow line, and Alexandra was eliminated.

I would have voted differently, what about you all?

Of course I gotta give my three favorites for the new season:
1. Danny– I have to rep the brown team, and he seems like he’ll do great.
2. Coach Mo- he has a nickname ‘Coach’ day 1. ’nuff said.
3. Abby– her story is absolutely amazing. Someone who has overcome so much in her life already deserves to be there.

Well, that’s it for me this week, DIR nation! I’ll be back soon after next week’s new episode!

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