Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser 8.2 Recap

Hey everyone, I’m back once again for DietsInReview.com for my Biggest Loser 8 recap and reaction.

Right off the bat in this episode, Alison issues the contestants a challenge – lose 150 pounds as a group. Do it and no one goes home, otherwise two people are eliminated. Week two is infamous for producing poor numbers on the scale, so these contestants really had their work cut out for them.

On a better note, Tracey returned to the house from the hospital this week. She isn’t allowed back in the gym yet, but at least she’s on campus. With monitoring her nutrition she still should drop a significant amount of weight since it is her first week.

Chef Curtis Stone appeared on this week’s episode. He took the contestants on a crash course through portion sizes and cooking tips, and gave them a quiz afterward. The contestants passed his test and got a 15 pound advantage at the weigh-in.biggest loser challenge

The challenge this week was truly a team effort. The contestants racked up an additional 20 pound advantage and phone calls home. Tears flowed and everyone was happy.

With a 35 pound advantage for the weigh-in, Bob and Jillian still didn’t let up. Bob had an extremely intense session with Julio for the last chance workout. I started to ache just watching it. One thing that did spark my interest during this workout was Shay opening up. She started to release some of that mental baggage and hopefully she can overcome the rest of her obstacles.

The weigh-in went well for just about everybody. The teams lost more than enough weight to keep everyone in the house for one more week.

This week’s episode seemed a little weak to me. What did you all think? Next week looks a lot more promising.

See you next tuesday DIR!

biggest loser weight loss 8.2

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