Biggest Loser Contestants Arrive at the Ranch in Season 10 Episode 2 Recap

Here we are at episode two of season 10. We got to know everyone last week and now it’s time to see the fainting, puking, etc. in the gym! First, I LOVE that Bob and Jillian got to pick two contestants to join the rest of those that made it to the ranch! I do notice that  Bob loves us “biggest” Biggest Losers! And we all know that Jillian loves a fighter! They definitely picked the two that I believe will truly benefit from the ranch and that America will benefit from watching their journeys unfold.

The first workout, as always, was brutal to say the least. The trainers beat the smiles off of them! Oh, and not to mention beat the snot, puke, and tears out of them in true Biggest Loser fashion. Welcome to the ranch season 10!

Continue below to read Shay’s recap or watch episode two in its entirety!

I got a ton of comments about the whining in the first workout when people should know by now how bad it is. Well let me tell you, our first workout, nothing could have prepared me! You go in knowing and wanting it to be the toughest experience ever. And that happens, and then Jillian or Bob calls you over for more! People think they know what a workout is like, but they have NO idea! Our season, Bob brought the Extra Gum winners for a workout (it was off camera) and we all went up to support them and workout with them. One of them had lost 85 pounds at home and was not overweight at all anymore, and was puking within 30 minutes of the start of the workout! So you think you may know.. but you have NO IDEA!

As the second workout comes around Bob and Jillian really begin to get into the contestants heads and their issues. The truth is no one gets to the weights these people are without some issues. You cant just “LIKE” food and get to 400 pounds. There is something that food is burying or covering up.  I know that if you do not uncover what those issues are while losing the weight you will not be successful. You will either go back to your lifestyle or you will find a new “habit.”  I think that Brendan realizing why he is there is a huge advantage. When you can realize what your issue is on the first week, and begin to deal with it, it is such a release and a power that will help in weeks to come. Because keeping those feelings and secrets only takes more emotional energy that you could be putting into your workouts!

I don’t know what is up with the last two seasons and their flying off treadmills! I have to say I am very happy I never flew off the treadmill! That looks like it hurts! And just so you know the reason Jillian tells you not to hold on to the treadmill is you burn up to 30% fewer calories when holding on. So let go of the treadmill and let go of those pounds!

SO many people ask how we learned about nutrition on Biggest Loser and I loved that they showed it this time. It literally was Bob and Jillian sitting down with us and having a very similar conversation like the one you saw (usually its a LOT longer, but it would take a whole episode or two) and giving those basic principles of quantity and quality of calories. I wish when the food showed up in the gym they would have had the contestants work off the amount of calories in each sandwich so they could literally FEEL how much they had done; but then again it’s only a two-hour show and by the looks of those things it would have taken a LONG time!

Whenever you see Ali show up you always know something is up! Now just FYI, we don’t usually all just sit around the house like that. Usually we will all be told we have to meet downstairs for whatever and we have so many of these we never know whats going on so the looks of shock are genuine. I can only imagine that weighing in mid-week would throw everyone off for sure! I am sure no one expected that and I am pretty sure many people were upset about it for sure!  I mean, no last chance workout???? whatttt!? This is why you must make sure that every workout is a last chance workout because you truly never know if you will get one. I always say finish strong and at the end of every workout I want to feel as if I have NOTHING left to give.

I was not shocked to see that the top eight were almost all men…  the first week is typically bigger numbers from the bigger contestants, which this season happens to be the men. Also, for some reason, you see the men drop the bigger numbers in the beginning and the women typically less and more consistently throughout the season. If they continue to do the yellow line this way though things could get really interesting. I think the idea of having the bottom eight compete in a challenge is actually a pretty cool idea, however it is definitely a disadvantage to the the top eight who are not competing because on challenge days there is usually so much travel and production set-up that goes into the day that the challenge is usually your only workout for the day. And if it’s a short challenge that doesn’t require you to be very physical then that is super hard. So that means the top eight are just sitting there waiting and watching.

Wow! Having Allie and Tina in the bottom two totally took me back to our season with Alexandra and Julio and then the whole young vs. old crap started. My heart broke for Allie, who was eliminated, because she did not have the support at home she desperately needed. It was obvious from the videos earlier, like with Dr. Huizenga, that her mother had not truly supported her lifestyle change as she had major weight loss surgery at 14. This is why it is so important to address the unhealthiness of our youth. At that age it is the parent who is in control of what food is available. Many people ask me if they should cook separately for their kids since their kids think healthy food is yucky. My response is always, it doesn’t matter if your kids are struggling or a stick figure, the habits they are learning will shape their future. If they learn to eat unhealthy they will either become overweight or be “skinny fat” and be just as unhealthy as if they were 500 pounds. Cook healthy for your entire family because it is the right thing to do. Your kids will learn to do as you do and like what you like. Also, all the stuff that’s in those “kid-friendly” (marketing) foods is not good for them or you so get it out of your house!

Until next week people I wish you all the health and happiness and I hope that you are making strides and paying it forward!

Watch episode two in its entirety!

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