Allie Ishcomer Puts Herself First After Biggest Loser Elimination

Before Biggest Loser, Allie Ishcomer was not her number-one priority. Everything else that surrounded her was. These days, Allie says she “put myself first and fight for my own self.” Down more than 60 pounds, primarily on her own at home, she says she doesn’t concern herself with the scale number. Instead, she’s more occupied with how she feels and looks, and right now, it’s pretty good!

Having only spent one week on the Biggest Loser ranch, after earning her spot in a challenge in Oklahoma City, she was eliminated in what could be called the first sign of game play in season 10. She says her fellow contestants saw her as a threat and being below the yellow line with Tina presented a good opportunity for them to get rid of her. “It is what it is,” she says about the fact that she had the highest body fat percentage in the house, a factor that likely swayed votes against her.

Allie talked to us after her elimination about putting school and work aside for the moment and making her health her full-time job. She also told us what her diet and fitness regimen look like now, which includes a favorite apple and peanut butter snack. Listen now!

The most frightening part of Allie’s touching story was that she had gastric bypass surgery at the young age of 14. At a time when a young woman’s body is still developing, this put her health in a tailspin that lead to the 322 pounds she carried in to the ranch. She says following that procedure she “felt sluggish and tired,” and because she was still eating all the same foods, “I felt gross.” That’s not the case now. Relying on a diet of clean, whole foods, Allie says this time around she feels amazing and strong.

The biggest challenges facing her at home are a lack of support from her mom, which prompted her to move in with her trainer Amanda, who she calls “my foundation,” and recognizing when she’s full. She’s also had to learn not to turn to food to help her through a bad day.

“If I can do it being gone in week one, you can, too,” says Allie of losing the weight at home. “It is hard, but you have to put yourself first.” She continues that the key is not focusing on yesterday or tomorrow, but doing today what you can to make yourself better.

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