Heba Salama’s Biggest Loser Resort Experience

Everyone thinks that those who are fortunate enough to be cast on NBC’s Biggest Loser have all the luck in the world and that weight loss comes easier for them than the rest of us. Not entirely true. They might lose the weight quickly in a fairy tale-like setting, but at some point, they each return home to reality. The majority of these TV weight loss stars keep the weight off, but it’s not without a lot of effort. Heba Salama is one such star.

Heba was the at-home winner of Biggest Loser’s season six, becoming the first woman to hold the title. She lost 138 pounds that season, and has worked every day since to maintain her healthy new lifestyle. These days Heba says she “focuses more on the size of my clothes now,” an ideal indicator that can sometimes be more telling than scale weight.

Heba spent the past two weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort, in Ivins, Utah and talked to us about her journey post-Loser. She also told us about her time at the Resort, how she loves the hiking and see the fellow guests’ success. Watch the video below to hear Heba catch us up on her experience at the Resort and what life is like at home with Ed Brantley, her husband and Biggest Loser teammate.

Heba called the Resort a good change in her routine and loved every minute of being there. Her goals are working toward more defined arms, and she proudly shared that by the end of her two-week stay at the Resort her clothes were baggier than when she arrived.

Heba and Ed also committed to “ten in ten – their campaign to complete ten races in 2010. So far they’ve already completed nine foot races and one triathlon, with several more still scheduled for the year. Talk about meeting and exceeding goals!

Want to see what a day in the life is like for those staying at the Biggest Loser Resort? See Heba’s post about the schedule that begins each day at 6:30 a.m. with a hike through the 6:15 lecture following dinner.

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