Mike Morelli Answers Your Diet and Fitness Questions

Hey DietsInReview.com readers! For my first video blog, I’ve taken some of the questions you had and have decided to answer them just for you!

max and mike morelli“How is Max doing?” is literally the second or third question out of everyone’s mouth.  Max is doing awesome!  He has lost 60 pounds in the past six weeks!  He is at a place called Fitness Ridge in Utah, and is really doing great.  If you want to keep up with him you can find him on Facebook.

Everyone has days when chewing gum is just not enough to satiate hunger.  What do you do?  EAT!  Eating isn’t a bad thing, your body is telling you that it’s hungry.  Just don’t go grabbing a bag of cookies. Instead, choose a healthy snack.  Get some carrot sticks and hummus, or an apple.  Also, to stave off hunger for longer, try eating fiber rich foods.  They help keep you feeling fuller longer.

The freshman 15.  Daunting words for any incoming student.  To make sure I don’t fall into that trap, I know that I have to make the right choices at the cafeteria (salad and grilled chicken, not a burger and fries).  Also, I’ll be getting plenty of walking in from class to class.  I’m planning on joining intramural teams to stay active and in shape, too.  And finally, I’m a kiniseology major so most of my classes are in the gym, so hopefully I can get a workout in between classes.

The foods that are now staples in my diet that before Biggest Loser I wouldn’t touch?  Basically everything green!  I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables now! Instead of going through the drive-thru, I plan ahead and make sure I bring snacks.bob harper and mike morelli

Strength training is important!!  Not only does strength training make a person more fit, the muscle you build will help you burn more calories throughout the day.  I make strength training a regular part of my routine.

Well, I hope I’ve answered a few of your burning questions.  If you have any other questions, leave them and I’ll try to answer a few more!  Until next time DIR, keep striving to be healthy!

– Mike Morelli

Many of you are curious how Mike manages his diet and fitness plan now that he’s at home. Read now to see Mike Morelli’s weight loss maintenance plan.

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