Biggest Loser Q&A and Giveaway with Mike Morelli

mike morelli

UPDATE: Mike Morelli’s answers are posted here.

The winners were drawn and notified: Grand prize went to Amanda Clegg and the runner-up prize went to Tyler. Thanks to everyone who posted questions!

We all have burning questions we’d love to ask the contestants of the Biggest Loser. And we’re giving you that chance. Help us welcome Mike Morelli to as our newest Biggest Loser Correspondent by asking him a question you’ve always wanted answered. Mike will be responding via video to answer five questions and help readers gain a better knowledge of what life is like for these weight loss super stars.

All you have to do is post your question below in the comments section by Sunday, June 28, 2009.

We’ll also be giving away a Biggest Loser Prize Pack to two readers –

1. biggest loser dan evansEveryone who leaves a question below will be eligible to win a drawing for a Dan Evans CD (season five), “Goin’ All Out,” and a Biggest Loser CD, “Biggest Loser Workout Mix: 70’s Disco Hits.” (Value $24.00)

2. Those questions selected for Mike to answer will be eligible to win a drawing for a package to include a 3-month Biggest Loser Club pass, Dan Evans CD, and a Filter for Good Nalgene bottle. (Value $80.00)

Be sure to leave your question below for Mike by Sunday, June 28, 2009, and then find out who won and see Mike’s answers first in the Biggest Loser Newsletter next week.

DISCLAIMER: Eligibility requires a question asked via the comments section below this blog post with valid email address included in the form by June 28, 2009. One (1) Dan Evans and One (1) Biggest Loser Workout CD will be sent to a reader drawn at random from all questions submitted. One (1) Biggest Loser Club 3-month pass, One (1) Dan Evans CD, and One (1) Filter for Good Nalgene bottle will be sent to a reader drawn at random from those whose questions were answered. Winners will be notified via the email address provided via the comment form. is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, nor failed shipments due to user providing an incorrect address. may replace the prize with one of equal value if prize is not available; not redeemable for cash.

123 Responses to Biggest Loser Q&A and Giveaway with Mike Morelli

  1. Christine says:

    How did you stay motivated for so long?

  2. Joy F says:

    How did you get yourself to eat vegetables? I hate them but need to start eating them. Any help??

  3. Kelly F says:

    It seems that it is expensive to eat healthy. In today’s economy, that is a problem. How would you recommend eating healthy on a budget?

  4. Jesse says:

    In the show was there ever a time you thought this might not be worth the effort?

  5. Rebecca L says:

    What do you do on days when you feel like giving up and going back to an unhealthy lifestyle?

  6. chastidy says:

    How is your younger brother doing? Has he stayed on track?

  7. Chrysa says:

    What is your “go to” snack?

  8. Erma says:

    What kinds of exercise can you do while living in the country?

  9. michelle robbins says:

    For us, budget-conscious people….how can we get the “personal trainer” motivation without the personal-trainer cost. It seems like I’d do better with someone reminding me every day to work out and how to. Thanks Great job on improving your health!

  10. michelle lopez says:

    Hey Mike, congrats. I also lost alot of weight and my question to you is do you have a problem with the excess skin? I do and if you had any tips on what exercise helped the most with toning it up. I know some of it is not reversible other than surgurey, but any tip would help. Thanks, Michelle

  11. Hey Mike, I saw one time on the show where Bob was saying that some of you weren’t eating enough. How much is enough when you are tryiing to lose weight?

  12. Marilyn R. says:

    Your mom was very supportive of you and your dad. I wonder how her life changed because of the Biggest Loser?

  13. Veronica Garrett says:

    Mike do you think everyone who needs to lose weight can?

  14. JoAnn Legano says:

    Do you ever worry about slipping back into old habits and regaing the weight?

  15. Laura says:

    Mike, I was wondering if you and your dad are implementing the things you learned at the Ranch at home? And is that bringing you closer to your mom and brother? Or does it cause division? I was so happy for you and loved seeing you and your brother together, but my heart broke for him since he didn’t get to participate too. Are you bringing him into the Ranch fold?

  16. Jennifer C says:

    Before beginning your journey on BL, you intended to become a doctor. Has your career path changed at all because of your weight loss or does it make you want to become a weight loss specialist to teach others what you have learned?

  17. Becky Grady says:

    Mike, my daughter had a big crush on you this past season. I want to know how the rest of your family is doing. Are you still training with your brother and dad?

  18. Elizabeth says:

    What do you think is the best thing to drink while trying to diet? I know water is great but it’s so boring. I love diet soda but I’ve also heard that can work against you while dieting. Help!

  19. Jennifer J says:

    Do you have any good vegetarian recipes that you use? Good job my whole family was pulling for you!!!

  20. Helen says:

    What are you doing to maintain this weight loss?

  21. Lily Kwan says:

    What foods did you give up that you miss eating?

  22. sarah woods says:

    Whats the dietary program with cardio endurance and mucle strength?

  23. Donna K says:

    What do you think about low carb diets?

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