Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Finale with Amanda Arlauskas

Tonight was a night of epic weight loss. The contestants of Biggest Loser Season 9 weighed in for the final time on the finale stage. Daris George and Koli Palu waited in suspense for Alison to reveal America’s vote for the third finalist. America chose Daris to join Ashley Johnston and Michael Ventrella in the final three.

The eliminated contestants came out in small groups to reveal themselves and to weigh-in. Sherry Johnston held the lead for the at-home winner for awhile, until Darrell Hough took it from her. It wasn’t until Koli Palu weighed in and lost more than 50 percent of his weight that he then snagged the title of the Biggest Loser Season 9 “At-Home Winner” earning him $100,000.

Shay Jones from Season 8 weighed in to see how much weight she last lost since last season’s finale. Subway promised to reward Shay with $1,000 for each pound she lost. After weighing in, Shay lost 52 pounds. Jared from Subway then surprised Shay and offered her one last challenge: To complete a 26.2 mile marathon with him by the end of the year and Subway will double her prize money to $104,000.

Daris then returned on stage to wait with Ashley and Michael as they revealed their new figures and weights. After each gave a mind-blowing wow to all those watching, they each weighed-in. Ashley weighed in and lost 183 pounds, leaving her at a final weight of 191 pounds. This knocked Daris into third place. Michael then weighed in with an epic weight loss of more than 50 percent of his weight, and an ending weight of 262 pounds crowning him as season 9’s Biggest Loser.

Yet another season of The Biggest Loser comes to an end after inspirational contestants prove that anything can be done with a lot of hard work and determination.

See you next season!

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