Interview with Kristin, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 16


Kristin Steede lost 116 pounds in 16 week on The Biggest Loser.

There is a lot to take away from Kristin Steede‘s experience on The Biggest Loser. Not only has her weight loss journey from 360 pounds to her elimination weight of 244 pounds been an inspiration, it’s a reminder that we should rely on ourselves to get there. Kristin reminds that she is one of about 122 people who’ve been selected as a Biggest Loser contestant, and it is a position she does not take lightly. Kristin says she got more out of this experience than she ever thought she would, but clarifies that “Biggest Loser will not define who I am.” It’s a cautious declaration that many fans should take to heart. It is the few, not the many, who earn a place at the coveted weight loss ranch, but the will, desire and ability to lose the weight and change your life for the better does not come from the show.

Kristin said “I will never forget what it feels like to live life at 360 pounds,” and she is taking her new body, new motivation and the memory of what life used to be like and inspiring a nation. Kristin has developed quite a following and she’s offering them her pearls of wisdom through speaking engagements.

We received some of those pearls from Kristin today in our interview. Listen now as Kristin discusses her ongoing relationship with Bob Harper, how she kept her head out of the game play and how she defines a healthy weight for herself.

Kristin is a cardio junkie! She completes two hours of cardio each morning before work, as often as possible attends a cardio kickboxing class during her lunch break, and hits another cardio session in the evenings.


Kristin Steede taking advantage of some rare down time at the Biggest Loser ranch.

She rarely works out with her mother, fellow contestant Cathy Skell, and says the times that they do hit the gym together it’s a treat. “My philosophy is ‘do it for yourself, by yourself,'” says Kristin. She shared that she and her mom and tried many weight loss plans together and it never seemed to work, as soon as one would decide she wasn’t interested, the other had an excuse to bow out. Now Kristin is focused on regaining her health for herself. She lets her mom know when and where she’ll be when working out, but doesn’t depend or need her mom to do what needs done.

Now at home and preparing for the finale, she says her diet is the most challenging part. Kristin follows a diet of low-sodium, clean foods, and eats three meals and two snacks each day. Her breakfast consists of egg whites, toast and a banana; lunch is a lean protein source with vegetables; dinner includes her new-found favorites like orange roughy and vegetables.

Always the positive good sport, Kristin doesn’t appear to hold any ill feelings toward Ron and Mike, who conspired to have her eliminated. “I always knew aligning myself with them would be risky,” she says, and knows that the weight she stood to lose would have given Mike “a run for his money.” Kristin has good things to say about her fellow contestants, reminding us that what happens at the ranch really does stay at the ranch, “TV will never do justice for the relationships you have with these people.”

8 Responses to Interview with Kristin, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 16

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’m so glad to read Kristen is eating clean! Especially after the last episode in the kitchen with Bob.

  2. mel says:

    i think kristen sounded stupid with the comment she made to the son last night. she was the one who gained a pound and got herself in that position below the yellow line and then to call the son a coward to vote her off as the biggest competition she nailed it on the head. it is a competition and he did what he should have done. it was embarrassing to watch her speak at the end and not take any blame as to why she was getting voted off and to point fingers. hence, i can assume this is the reason she needed to be on the show because she never took responsibility before for her weight. ron did what he should do as a father and support his son.after the show the contestants will never see each other anyway.

  3. Rosie says:

    As I recall Kristin did not say the word Coward, she stated that Mike took the easy way out…. and he did he got rid of this biggest threat!

    You look amazing Kristin, congratulations!!

  4. pudgy says:

    i hated to see her go .she work so hard.and i also think she did great .keeep up the good work .

  5. Maxine says:

    I think Kristian, did not lose this week and she did not eat enough . You can do this and thee vidio of there food did not have enough proten. She put her body in starvation mode.
    I have been a WW for some time That has happened to me.
    I was hoping she would go to the end.
    Love the show.

  6. Trish says:

    I was so sad to see her go last week. She was the ONLY one I was rooting for. Now I will look ofrward to seeing her at the finale and root her on to be the at home winner.

    Kristen you inspire me!

  7. Barb says:

    I LOVED Kristen the whole way through UNTIL she made her class-less comments at the end. I was shocked that she stooped so low to say that Mike should “for once in his life step up and be a man” and then the bit about taking the easy way out. Shame on you, Kristen!!!! Maybe, just maybe, it’s one of those things she regrets saying. I guess we’ll never know, but I lost a whole lot of respect for her after that and quite frankly, was happy to see her leave.

    I know most people don’t write and vent their feelings, bit I know that my message represents what all of my friends were saying too.

  8. Neil says:

    Eh, I don’t know why everyone was talking about how Kristen was teh biggest threat and this and that… aside from Ron she had the worst % lost, Mike and Tara had both lost almost 10% more weight, if anyone shoudl have gone it should have been Helen, she’s lost the 3rd highest percentage. Granted Helen is probably about to plateau and Kristen had a long way to go still, but give me a break…

    It’s pretty obvious that it’s down to Tara and Mike, nobody else can compete with those two. I think Mike is going to take it.

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