Biggest Loser 7: Kristin Steede

Keep up with Kristin’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Kristin joins partner and mom Cathy during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 16 – Hear the Interview

Age 28

Hometown Greenville, WI

Occupation Business Owner

Teammate Cathy Skell, mom

Team Color Purple

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 360

Final Weight 193

Total Loss -167


  • Second heaviest woman in the show’s history
  • First woman to ever lose 100 pounds on the Biggest Loser ranch – Week 12


  • “Where do you come up with this stuff?” – Week 4
  • “Don’t waste anymore time. If you want to change your life, do it and do it now.” – Week 7
  • “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, I wanted to run out of that kitchen!” – Week 9


Other Spellings Kristen, Krysten, Crysten, Steed, Stead, Stede


66 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Kristin Steede

  1. Recognized the "God Father" from day one... says:

    All Ron wants is for his son to win money. HE SHOWED NO SYMPATHY toward his son Max when he broke down…Mike had to step in and do that. I HATE RON….based on what I’ve seen.

    Ron has been the down fall of this series….he is a disgrace.

  2. Tiana says:

    Kristin was, and is, such an incredible inspiration – a beautiful, genuine girl who is now showing on the outside who she is on the inside. i have never cried watching tv, but her elimination did it for me. week 15, where she asked to stay because she wanted to be healthy enough to have a baby – oh my lord, that broke my heart.

    i hope mike’s game goes down in flames. he was such a sweet boy in the beginning, but has become such a jerk. guess my brother’s right – fat people are usually nicer. now that mike’s getting his physical act together and doesn’t rely on his personality to get by, he’s an ass!

    felipe is my #1 now, but i almost wouldn’t mind tara (who i can’t stand) winning, just to shut mike & ron up.

  3. nicole k. says:

    Kristen you have been a great inspriration to me. You are a great person and deserved to make it to the end. I can’t wait to see you at the finale. I know you are working out and are going to look great at the finale. I know you can do it, iI have seen how you ar on the television and you are a fighter and a strong women.

  4. Kelly G. says:

    Centerville, IN

    Kristen you have been such a blessing to watch thi season! You have an attitude like I have, never give up because you know you can accompkish what you set your mind to. 2 1/2 years ago I started the South Beach Diet. Then I started taking Adipex to help with hunger. I have now lost 102 lbs. and I feel great. I am at 156 and I started at 258. It is hard. I maintain a 1500 calorie diet and eat less than 44 grams of fat per day. I exercise and never want to be heavy again. You motivate me to keep going! I wish you and your mother luck! You will hit your 180 lb. goal! I think you are a beautiful person inside and out and your personality shines! You are what the “Biggest Loser”is all about! You are there to get healthy so you can start a family and I was sad you were voted off. I can’t wait until the finale when you come back and kick some butt!! I pray that you beat Tara!! You are an inspiration! I talk about your success to the high school girls I work with, many of them have low self esteem and seeing your accomplishment have been a blessing. YOU GO GIRL!! You are gorgeous and you are an individual that likes to be different no matter what others think! Good luck at the finale!! Kick some Butt!! GO BLUE!!

  5. Denise S. says:

    I wasn’t so disappointed to see Kristin go home. There were four obvious people that should have been on the Biggest Loser to the end and Kristin – you are one of them. What an inspiration you are. I’ve heard this so many times “If I can do it so can you”, but I never believed it until you said it. Keep going Kristin – I wouldn’t be surprised to see you win the at home competition. One question – what kind of business do you own?

  6. Jessica T. says:

    Hey kristin I hated that you was voted off. you reminded me of myself. am a mom of two boys and I weigh 265 lbs I for some reason can’t lose weight. I have tried everything I have been heavy all my life I am ashamed because all my sisters weigh under 10 lbs I hate going to visits when we have get togethers because I am the biggest person there. I have no hope We live in a two bedroom trailor and there is not much room to do anything in here. and I have no support on losing weight. I am all alone when it comes to that. But I hope you when the 100.000 good luck

  7. Lisa M says:

    I am soooo proud of you! You are certainly an inspiration to all. You fought the fight and did a great job. So sad you aren’t the BIGGEST loser, but you are one of the best! You will always be remembered as one of the Biggest Losers!

  8. Kellina says:

    Kristen rocks! I started to watch the show maybe 4 weeks ago and just adored Kristen from the start. She is an amazing person inside and out. Unlike the other people still on the show.

    Ron and Mike – EW! Talk about backstabbers. Ron should stop focusing on Mike and actually take a look in the mirror. Mike is a big boy, he can handle himself and lose weight all on his own. Then again I don’t think it’s the weight they want to lose its the money they want to gain…

    Tara- It’s great she has lost so much weight and congrats to her! After watching her beg for everyone to keep her “broken” friend on was UNBELIEVABLE! That’s when I decided I didn’t care much for her anymore. Soo selfish.

    Helen- Don’t know why, but I just don’t like her LOL. It’s like she attached herself to Laura and Tara just for a secure vote at the ranch. She doesn’t need to be there. She weighs the least and frankly doesn’t deserve it.

    Ps- ::Kristen haters:: If Kristen is so annoying then you should of just muted the tv. All these comments about her being “annoying”… is ANNOYING! SHUT UP!

  9. Amanda says:


    I think what you have accomplished is amazing!! During an episode of the biggest loser you stated that you would like to share your knowledge and experience while on the ranch with others. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about diet tips and exercise. You have been an inspiration to me. I hated to see that you were voted off of the show. I think you deserved a chance to be in the final three. Even though I am not classified as obese, I have weight issues that I struggle with. Good Luck! and keep up the good work!!

  10. dana says:

    Anyone know how to contact Kristin? I’d love to send her a personal ty!

  11. Ruth R says:

    Wow! I have been a big fan of yours for the whole season. Your new hair color/style really shocked me at first but you looked fantastic yesterday! I know that you are proud of what you have accomplished. It came really close there vying for the at home prize. I know that you will continue to inspire others with your words of wisdom!

  12. Jo Bak says:

    Kristen, I was rooting for from the start, I cried when I saw you last night on the Finale. You looked great, you go girl….What drew me to you was your personality, and your drive. And the ability to face game play, you did great, keep up the good work, and never forgert where you have been!!!!Congratulations! Jo Bak

  13. cindy says:

    this was the first time i watched biggest loser& im so sad it over!!you were my fav & i wanted you to win so bad!! but you showed them all last night. you looked so great& i love your hair!! im a 38 yr old housewife from indiana and im 5 feet& weigh 200. you are the reason ive been walking& watching what i eat. you are such a down to earth person & hopefully soon i can feel good about myself too.thanks so much kristen!! i wish you had a myspace or facebook!

  14. griffapottomus says:

    You are the Biggest Loser in my book, the total package. If America could of voted, you would of been the winner!

  15. Donna says:

    Kristen was and is still my Biggest Loser Winner. She’s intelligent, motivated and is an inspiration to me.
    I’ve never weighed 360, but I did weigh 301 at one point in my life. It wasn’t a good place to be, so from my personal experience, I know what she went through, physically,mentally and emotionally.
    Helen appears to have lost too much weight; in my opinion she needs to gain 15 pounds. At her time of weigh-in at the Finale, she looked gaunt and too thin; she’s lacking muscle tone in her arms and torso. No disrespect intended, because I like Helen. I thought she looked radiant and healthy at the Final 4 weigh-in; in my opinion, that should be her ideal weight.
    Personally, between Helen and Tara, I would have preferred Tara to win, simply because she overcame a lot of her issues that were indeed going to hold her back
    (i.e. when she was feeling that she was being “ganged up on”; Laura gave her an amazing pep talk! When Laura was being voted off because of her fractured hip, Tara had a meltdown, but Jillian gave her hell and Tara snapped out of it very quickly!)
    I actually liked Felipe in the beginning; I loved his drive, his laugh and sense of humor! Then, mid-way through, he became an emotional, pouting grown man, because Jillian didn’t spend any time with him in the gym that day. He wanted nothing to do with Jillian from that point on. Whatever. It didn’t cause any animosity between Jillian and Bob; they’re professionals and good friends. FYI I love you both, Bob and Jillian; I’d be honored to have either one of you to be my trainer!
    Nonetheless, I wish them all well and continued success

  16. Edna says:


    Out of all the biggest loser seasons that I have watched, you have been my biggest inspiration. It has inspired me to try harder, exercise and eat right, and quit expecting my extra weight to magically fall off. I am so proud of you.

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