Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 15 with Amanda Arlauskas

The contestants are about to hit the road yet again! Alison tells them this time they will head to Texas to meet with some of the unhealthiest and unfit Americans. Upon their arrival, they learn that they will participate in a 5k with local residents.

The contestants each head to several different radio stations in order to promote the 5k event, to convince people to come out to the Cotton Bowl and to join in on the start of a healthier lifestyle. Daris George finished the event in a record time of 21 minutes. Inspiration just filled the atmosphere as many locals came out to run and/or walk the event. I know tears filled my eyes as I watched everyone cross the finish line.

The trainers also did their part in helping to shape up Texas. Bob participated in a public workout at a local 24 Hour Fitness, while Jillian joined Season 8 contestant Abby Rike at a local high school to talk to the students about obesity and living a healthier life.

This week’s challenge consisted of the contestants herding cattle at the Texas Fair. The contestant who could get the most cattle into their pen would win immunity. Watching this challenge was super amusing as the cattle were running all over the place and the contestants looked like they were having so much fun trying to catch the animals! With help from his cousin Sam Poueu, Koli Palu wins the challenge with seven cattle in his pen.

The last chance workout is as difficult as ever, but with a change of scene as the contestants are still in Texas. Sunshine Hampton and her father O’Neal Hampton miss the workout because of attending his brother’s funeral. Missing a last chance workout this late in the game can be crucial and it proves true this time. At the weigh-in, Sunshine Hampton and O’Neal both fall below the yellow line and with O’Neal’s request to keep his daughter in the game, he is eliminated.

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