Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 14 with Amanda Arlauskas

Victoria Andrews of The Biggest Loser

With seven contestants left, the game is on more than ever. Alison starts the episode with an all day temptation. She presents a room upstairs that the contestants will have to choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner from. There are healthy and not-so-healthy options. Whoever consumes the most calories all day will win the only vote at elimination this week. For Koli Palu, this is a no-brainer; he will do whatever it takes to keep his cousin safe from elimination. He eats… a lot, and wins.

Dr. Huizenga comes to the ranch to visit with the contestants. He updates them on their current health status, and how far they have come from week one. For a player like Michael Ventrella to really see the changes is eye-opening, and makes it that much more worth it to continue working as hard as possible each week.

This week’s challenge is to build a platform from the ground up using 175 blocks as high as they can to reach a flag in the air.  It seems not only physically demanding, but each contestant must also use logical thinking. Whoever reaches their flag first will win a one-pound advantage. But, whoever finishes last will receive a one-pound penalty. Daris George and Sam Poueu remain head-to-head for most of the challenge, but Daris pulls away and finishes first. O’Neal Hampton falls towards the end of the challenge, and is taken to the hospital. Because he is unable to finish, he receives the one-pound penalty at the next weigh-in.

The contestants meet Gabrielle Reece, a professional volleyball player, for a beach workout. She explains to each the importance of changing up your workouts, and how you can be just as efficient outside as you can in a gym.

We learn some heartbreaking news that O’Neal’s brother has passed away. This takes a huge toll on O’Neal and his daughter, Sunshine. Bob and Jillian give as much support as they can, and confirm to O’Neal that he needs to let his aggression out in the gym, and that it’s alright to show emotion and grief. O’Neal deserves a lot of credit for remaining so physically and emotionally strong during this tough time.

During the weigh-in, Koli loses an impressive 10 pounds after eating so much food earlier in the week at the temptation. Unfortunately for Victoria Andrews and Sunshine Hampton, they both fall below the yellow line after each losing only one pound. With only one vote needed, Victoria is eliminated.

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