Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 13 with Amanda Arlauskas

As the contestants are enjoying their breakfast, they get a visit from Alison who tells them it is time for a pop challenge up in the gym. They each must balance a tray with one hand, and pile as many quarters as they can on to the tray. For whoever holds on to the tray the longest, however many quarters they put on their tray will then be equivalent to ten dollars. Michael Ventrella and Sunshine Hampton are the last two remaining. Michael ends up winning a total of $2,000, while Sunshine comes in second earning $650.

Suze Orman is a surprise guest on this week’s episode. She discusses how health and wealth go hand in hand. She predicted that last season’s winner would be Danny Cahill and she was correct. Danny also makes a surprise visit to the ranch to talk with contestants about being truthful about their financial situations, so they can fix them along with bettering themselves.

This week’s challenge is especially exciting because two brand new 2010 Mazda 3s are up for grabs. The two contestants that can race up a hill, grab one of the 140 keys at a time off of a balloon and successfully start one of the cars will win one of the Mazdas. Everyone fights tooth and nail because this is one of the best prizes the show has given away yet. Drea Hough and O’Neal Hampton are the two lucky contestants to walk away with brand new cars.

After a crazy workout in the mud with the trainers, it’s time to get serious in the gym. Bob and Jillian put the contestants through a grueling last chance workout. Unfortunately for most of the contestants, the workout was just not enough as many lost just a few pounds. Drea Hough and Sam Poueu fall below the yellow line, and with the majority votes, Drea is sent home.

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