Lance Morgan’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

He started out as one of the most controversial contestants this season, thanks in part to alleged game play by his wife, but Lance Morgan quickly proved that he was at the Biggest Loser for all the right reasons. Primarily, Lance was ready to regain all the things that his weight had taken from him, including rebuilding his marriage and getting his career back.

It seems as though ten weeks on the ranch and a current weight loss of 105 pounds has done that for him. Lance says the marriage woes that he and wife Melissa Morgan spoke of at the start of the season have begun to mend themselves. He says “things are wonderful!” and that the weight loss has helped a lot. Their communication is even better than it was before.

Listen Now as we speak with Lance about how this weight loss journey is influencing his 10-year-old and 14-year-old children, as well as what his career looks like now that he’s about 50 pounds shy of his goal.

Due to Lance’s weight, starting at 365 pounds, he’d lost his job as a commercial diver due to the industry standards. He says this only compounded the marital problems because he couldn’t work and it forced a financial burden on the family. Today, Lance says he’s already fielding offers for a job as soon as the finale is over. He’s excited about getting back in to commercial diving.

One of the greatest challenges facing Lance and Melissa at home is the inaccessibility of a gym. Living in Aspermont, Texas, they are a 60-minute drive from Abiline, Texas, where they have access to a gym. For the most part they use their home gym equipment and take frequent bike rides (including the kids). He says it is definitely harder when you don’t have that regular access to a gym and trainer, but Lance doesn’t let that stand as an excuse. He says it absolutely can be done at home, you just have to get yourself in the mindset that you have to do this.

The most important thing he learned on the ranch? Lance says “nutrition by far!”. It only took him a couple weeks to realize that the quality of the food he was eating was incredibly important to his health and weight. This has translated at home to no longer keeping sweets in the house, and helping their kids also appreciate the value of say a whole grain bread over a white and getting plenty of veggies in their diets.

Lance says “I’m not done,” with about 50 pounds to go to his goal and a live finale weigh-in just about nine weeks away. His strength and determination will no doubt help him complete this journey further ahead than where he ever planned to be.

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