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Biggest Loser and Weight Loss Help Jessica Delfs Recover from Sexual Assault

Happy, healthy and confident, that’s the Jessica Delfs who left the Biggest Loser last night. Nine brief weeks changed this 26-year-old woman inside out. She started at 282 pounds, and left 55 pounds lighter, working hard for every pound lost. Since going home, she’s down to about 200 pounds, and still giving it her all each day.

Her elimination came just one week shy of making it to the coveted “makeover week,” so her first stop before heading home was to the salon. Jessica treated herself to a mini makeover. She trimmed her long, gorgeous locks, which produced two 12-inch pieces of hair that she donated to Locks of Love, as part of this season’s theme to pay it forward. When asked if she weighed it to see if would have made a difference on the scale, she laughed and replied “no.”

We spoke with Jessica about what her diet looks like at home, which she says is very low calorie and low sodium. She also talks to us about her favorite moment this season, the one she says made her feel “the most accomplished and proud.” Listen now:


Inspiring Letters from Home in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 9 Recap

OK, OK, so last week was the world series of game play and this week was literally as if the last eight weeks never happened! Whether that is good or bad I am not sure, however I must say I did enjoy watching this week without almost damaging my TV by throwing things at it and by not screaming so much that the husband had to leave the room.  It really is a true testament to the roller coaster of events and emotions that equates the journey! WELCOME TO THE BIGGEST LOSER!

The highlights for me this episode were: (more…)

BL360 is a New Non-Profit Founded by Biggest Loser Eliminated Contestants Jesse and Aaron

Contestants of Biggest Loser leave the show with more than impressive weight loss, most of them leave with new best friends. Sharing such a significant experience bonds them and they are relationships that any past or previous contestant will tell you are strong, valuable and meant for life. The same is true of Jesse Atkins and Aaron Thompkins, the two most recent eliminated contestants. While they weren’t too close during the eight weeks they were there, it was during the eighth week when they were paired on a team and formed a friendship.

Jesse said their week together was “the most fun week on the ranch,” and Aaron said Jesse is “like a brother to me” and that they formed “a friendship that will last for a lifetime.” While Jesse is in Minnesota and Aaron in Ohio, the two admit they speak daily, whether by phone or text, and will make the effort to always be in one another’s lives.

Not only did these to share a memorable week together on the Biggest Loser Ranch, they also were eliminated together in one of the most dramatic eliminations and episodes this show has ever seen. Such drama that Shay Sorrells could hardly hold back her frustration in her weekly recap and reaction, and fans are threatening boycotts if this level of game play (executed by Frado and Brendan) continues. It speaks to the maturity and positivity these two share that they hold no hard feelings toward their fellow contestants for their unfortunate removal from the game.

Aaron says “I’m not angry at Frado, Brendan and Patrick, we all went with different reasons and goals.”

Continue to hear our interview with Aaron and Jesse, as they tell us about the inspired steps they are taking to “pay it forward” with a new non-profit called BL360. Jesse also addresses the current state of his relationship with Patrick. (more…)

Contestants Playing Dirty in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 8

OMG! Seriously? I can’t even start at the beginning as I am just freaking blown away at how Frado and Brendan have run this season like the Boston Marathon! Those guys have single-handedly bullied and game played their way to the top and the rest of the contestants are being picked off one by one. Who ever said the mafia was gone? (more…)

Anna Wright’s Life and Weight Loss Inspired by Biggest Loser

The people on Biggest Loser aren’t just trying to lose weight. Most of the time, they have personal, deep-seated issues that need to be overcome. For Anna Wright, it was putting the pieces back together after the death of her 3-year-old son, which was then immediately followed by the death of her father. She dealt with those losses by eating, and that pushed her to a starting weight of 330 pounds.

A long-time fan of the show, watching since season one, Anna had tried out four different times for a coveted spot at the ranch. She says her fourth audition was the charm! Then, when she was so close, a challenge in Atlanta was all that stood between her and the shirt. She lost the race, and her chance to go to the ranch, and says the look on her son’s face as he watched her lose killed her, and was the driving force she needed to lose more than 30 pounds at home on her own. That weight loss earned her the spot she’d longed for and she spent three weeks at Biggest Loser before being sent home last night.

Anna talks to us about what she did at home to lose the weight, which included a trip to the Biggest Loser Resort. She also talks about the rampant game play this season and how she felt naive to it. Listen now and then continue reading to learn more about Anna.