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Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – Episode 8.8

A lot of cool things happened this week on The Biggest Loser. Most importantly, Black vs. Blue is over and the contestants are into individuals. This is a huge milestone on the Biggest Loser journey and the contestants should be extremely proud to have made it this far.

The second cool thing this week was that the contestants traveled to Washington, D.C. for the week.

Biggest Loser washington dcThe challenges were Capital inspired. The contestants had a pop challenge trying to get as many people to do a public workout as possible. Liz won a mystery prize (always fun) to be used in the later challenge.

This week’s challenge was a series of mini challenges. Now, I have to admit that I lost a little love for Biggest Loser when Miley Cyrus was being played as the background music, but whatever, it’s not my show to run. In the end, Rebecca won immunity.

Bob, Jillian, and the gang all headed to the White House for a very special tour. They picked vegetables from the First Family’s garden and made a salad in the White House kitchen (try the White House Salad recipe). I was jealous, I didn’t get a trip, not fair.

Jillian gets the quote of the week expressing her hatred for Tracey, while Tracey gets oblivious of the week for thinking Jillian likes her.biggest loser white house salad

Bob was happy to have Amanda back under his wing, and it showed on the scale that Amanda was glad to be there. Which is a perfect transition into the lovely 50-minute weigh in….

The contestants are weighing in for the first time alone. The most notable weight losses were Danny, with a double digit, Amanda with her highest weight loss ever, and Tracey and Liz with merely three pounds lost, putting them below the yellow line.

In the end Tracey was sent home (shocker to all of you I’m sure), but personally I liked her. She is doing fantastic at home and is a big competitor for the at-home winner.

I know next week is a huge episode, so hold on to your hats folks! Until next week BLers-or if you run into me at school- best in health.
-Mike Morelli

November 4th, 2009

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Sabre Sarnataro

Love your reviews!
Tracey seems like an intense person. If I had been Jillian and Bob I probably would have hated her too because she poured all her intensity into the game play and not into what she should have been. I mean, look at her in the beginning. She wanted that immunity so bad she over pushed herself and got herself sent to the hospital. She ignored what her own body was telling her cause of game play. Seeing her at home after elimination made me think she's better off away from the game and she looked like she made some great progress! Some people just can't handle the game in the sense that they over obsess!

That was what I loved about you and your dad in your season - you always seemed to make the right decision for you when it was time, but you didn't let it over take you! And it got you both to final 4 when I don't think either of you ever had immunity. Shouldn't that tell other contestants something?

I agree with the others, Amanda is not a favorite. She whines a lot.

posted Nov 11th, 2009 1:09 pm


Thanks Mike, I do appreciate you doing these recaps.

I loved this week's episode. How awesome was it to be working out on capital hill?

The team actually talked to congress about how to improve health and fitness in school. I really hope this administration does some good changes into school programs.

When I was in public school we NEVER had any kind of healthy diet info besides "here are the four food groups" and "eat your vegetables". I barely knew what calories were, but knew nothing about portion control, eating frequency, having a balanced diet, avoiding processed food, or anything like that.

I was on the swim team and exercised two hours a day yet I still was fat because I had no clue how to eat right. If I hadn't been so physically active I'd have probably been morbidly obese.

So I am very grateful to TBL for talking to congress, the two biggest areas that are lacking in public schools are required diet classes and fiscal management. But since people do not have the knowledge they end up getting fat and getting buried in debt. Kids are pretty smart, and if educators teach them the knowledge they need to make good choices, they will tend to pick those choices given the opportunity.

It is good to know that the administration actually practices what they preach when it comes to healthy eating. That garden was pretty impressive.

Back to this episode, the first challenge was cool because all those people got to do a group workout and I thought that was pretty cool.

The second quad-challenge was pretty awesome. The group got to see how far they came in just a few short weeks.

I'm glad Jill buried the hatchet and still worked out Tracey. I too feel that Tracey has been in it for the money since day one. But her journey still has been inspirational, she has lost a lot of weight even if her focus was off. I think she's finally "clicked", and while I was glad to see her go home, I was quite impressed by how far she'd come since her time on the ranch.

She seems like a good person overall, I never got those vibes from her like witchy Vicki in the past seasons. She didn't seem to harbor any animosity towards anyone, and while she crossed some lines she shouldn't have, potential big money can change the best of them. Don't be surprised if some of the other contestants have a new side of gameplay to them when the $250k gets closer and closer to becoming a reality...just look at Helen from last season...

But seeing Tracey now after she's been booted off I can forgive her past gameplay and be happy for her incredible transformation. She really does look like a new person and she looks genuinely happy. She looked miserable most of the time on the show. So that alone is redemption in my book.

Still I can live without seeing her each week and she would have been my pick to go home. And I agree with Yvonne, Amanda doesn't impress me much. I'm sick of them calling her "america's choice"...I picked the other girl at last season's finale. I don't have any specific bad vibes from her just she is immature and needs to get over herself. She doesn't seem to have had any hardships in life because "I'm sick of being the fat girl"...well boo hoo, her and 40% of the rest of the country's young women. It's not like she had tragedy like Shay's or Abby's to hold her back.

posted Nov 5th, 2009 7:20 pm


Good as always recap Mike. I for one was happy to see Tracey go home. She was not in it at least in the beginning to be healthy, she was in the game and then discovered a little too late that she was actually losing weight and getting healthy and it would be good to stay for that AND the 250k. Yes, I do believe Tracey was in it for the money at first, and maybe even until she left but her attitude did change in the last few weeks and looked like she regretted the choices she made in the beginning. Jillian showed no love toward her even when Tracey broke down, which makes me feel Jillian thought Tracey was in it for the money more than trying to be lose weight and be healthy. Dan made the comment â??are you in it for the money?â?ť And she couldnâ??t answer him. The vote didnâ??t surprise me, but Shayâ??s vote did. Shay had shown no love for Tracey but still voted Liz out. Makes me wonder if Shay is now playing the game after crying about how she needs to stay there. They all take pity on her but she votes out the biggest threat. Liz was much more of a threat to them then Tracey. All that being said, once Tracey went home to her very nice family made me feel a little different about her. She seemed to have a nice husband and wonderful kids, but I still am glad she is gone. I say Shay could be on the radar if she doesnâ??t step it up since even though she has lost a lot of weight, she is still the biggest person there and is a threat to them all, especially the other smaller girls. (I like Rebecca, but Amanda can go home anytime. Too much of a whiner) Even though this seems to be a nice bunch of people, it will be interesting to see who the real â??cut throatsâ?? are and who really wants to win this game. Personally my money is on Danny or Rudy.

posted Nov 5th, 2009 10:38 am


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